20 October 2014

Embracing October

I spent the weekend cleaning house.  Etching some skull-ish silvery things.  I edited photos for a friend.  Made bisque.  Spent time with my mother after a round of procedures she had done last week.

And I embraced Autumn.

We have a tradition of going to Porter's each year- a farm stand out on the highway heading towards I40- where Adams Vineyard is just down the road and NC agriculture reins king.  This place is magic.

The Monkey loves it.

We came home loaded up with pumpkins- racers, aladdins, queensland blues, autumn crowns, casperitas, a moonshine, musque de provence and a handful of valencianos.  We piled in the Indian corn.  And, nearly three Octobers in, I got my very first bunch of perennial mums for the this house.  (I love mums.  I LOVE mums).

It is indeed starting to look a bit autumn-eque around here.  Orange string lights along the bookcases.  Pumpkins, gourds, squash everywhere.  A few Monkey-chosen decorations dotting the place. (See if you can spot his favorite).

Back to the studio today and moving forward for some stacked stone rings, a few sugar-skull inspired pieces, and lots of pumpkin chai.  The sun is to shine all week here in the dirty south, and with the crispness cutting the air, it somehow feels downright warm all around.  Wishing you all a lovely Monday!


22 September 2014


Last week flew by.  I didn't get done nearly all I wanted to, but the work accomplished has been joyful and deliberate.  Outside of the studio, I got the new office painted (a blog post for a later time) and began preparing for a California trip.  I leave tomorrow to teach five days at Art Is You in Petaluma.  Afterwards, I'll spend a couple days with Sunny and Umber- it's been two years too long.

Autumn means great things.

Autumnal Necklace- For the Equinox
{Sterling, Leather, Jasper, Agate and Rutilated Quartz}

Shop update tonight at 9pm EST.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.