22 September 2014


Last week flew by.  I didn't get done nearly all I wanted to, but the work accomplished has been joyful and deliberate.  Outside of the studio, I got the new office painted (a blog post for a later time) and began preparing for a California trip.  I leave tomorrow to teach five days at Art Is You in Petaluma.  Afterwards, I'll spend a couple days with Sunny and Umber- it's been two years too long.

Autumn means great things.

Autumnal Necklace- For the Equinox
{Sterling, Leather, Jasper, Agate and Rutilated Quartz}

Shop update tonight at 9pm EST.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

20 September 2014

This Space


Where at the end of the day, silver spools unravel in the fading light and glass bottles glisten.  Particles of work hang in the air and my hair and my lashes, lay in grit-and-glitter form across the bench and under my nails.

Where the old rule of "fail, fail again, and fail better" applies each day, where skills are built and humility reigns as I struggle, sometimes succeed, sometimes not...  But they say both triumph and disaster are imposters.  I pretend it's all a masquerade, preferring the lightness of play.

Here where mirrored green lives in and outside of the windows.  Fresh air and fuel mingle.  Chaos lives in compartmentalized corners.  Family portraits, evidence, lineage, letters- these remind me why I choose over and over again this paycheck to paycheck, joy to joy life.  Why I am lucky.  

Here where I forget to turn the page, advance the calendar, where time stands still for a few hours everyday- the only proof of its passing being the coming to fruition of whatever lies beneath my hands.

Here where the music plays and the muses live, battling monsters, resistance, doubt.  Where blessings flow.  Where I am willing if not always able, and that is all that matters. 

Happy Saturday, everyone.