16 March 2009

A Breath of a Beginning . . .

pleasure to meet you.  this is all very new to me, this big world of blogging.  (let's go ahead and establish the fact that i always seem to be a few steps behind the rest of the world.)  i'm JJ, a southern girl living in the countryside of a small but fast growing Carolina farm town. details on who i am and more can be found in my profile, or by visiting my website, www.rosyrevolver.com.  but basically, dear friends, i just love design.  i think in some ways it has become my extension of self, something from which  i am unable to walk away.  jewelry design, specifically, is such a passion in my day-to-day existence.  it is, aside from my amazing family, the very core of my happiness.  

but one cannot live on happiness alone any more than money can buy happiness.  does that make sense?  my tiny design business has big dreams, and i realize that in order to reach those dreams, i have to reach out to you.  so that you can find me, and know me, and know my work.  and  fall in love.

so here we are in cyberspace, raising a metaphorical window for all the world to see us in our behind-the-scenes clumsiness, as we stumble through this life we love and this dream we're trying to make into a business.  by "we" i mean my lovely and supportive husband, my sweet little butter-bean of a son (pictured above), and the anthology of animals with whom we share our house.

i hope that over the span of time in which you read this, that you will find yourself laughing.  or remembering something important in your own life.  that you will relate not only to the work, but to me as a woman and mother and wife and daughter and sister and friend.  i do not believe that design is a selfish act nor that it warrants a snobbish view of the world.  design is both in and for all of us.  i'm thrilled to share mine with you.

welcome to the blog, folks.  this is our breath of a beginning.

1 comment:

  1. I wanted to start at your beginning.

    Welcome HOME!
    I'm so happy I found you.
    I haven't taken my new * treasure * off since I placed in on my finger. I love her so much.
    Deep gratitude.
    Best wishes, always, in all your endeavours, Mlle. Rosy