19 March 2009

Moving In & Freaking Out: A Lesson on Patience

(this is me chewing my fingernails)

So I've somewhat settled myself into a new retail venue this past week. Well.  I guess technically, I'm completely settled into it.  It's my nerves that aren't settled.  Frazzled and downright useless little things, if you want my opinion.  

Ah, The Pavilion Deluxe Shoppes.  The building on Market Street is just a brief drive from the historic district of Wilmington, NC. It stands in a state of lovely lagoon blue, and boasts within its walls an almost tradeshow-esque atmosphere.  Here is an artful arrangement of nearly 50 different vendors, all with their wares and treasures to share and sell.  A small cafe.  A lovely interior space just made to satisfy that shopping tooth.  Side Note:  Is there such a thing as a "shopping tooth?"  There should be.  If there exists a "sweet tooth" to be the scapegoat for our bizarre and often inexcusable eating habits, then shouldn't there also be a "shopping tooth?"  A tooth for those times when we simply MUST indulge in a petty purchase or few? 

But I digress . . . 

Walking the aisles in this beach-town beauty, shoppers can find hostess gifts aplenty, and every delicious gourmet cookie mix you can imagine. Orange Clove Oatmeal Drops, anyone? Oops. That's just my tooth talking.  There are handmade baby items, and shimmering chandeliers.  Fantastic furniture. Wall art and vases and vessels of all sorts.  It's a shimmering collection of unique and delightful things.  And there, in the center aisle, two booths back, in the dead CENTER of it all . . .

is lil ole me!

(my sweet tooth is so disappointed.  my nails taste nothing like Orange Clove Oatmeal Drops.  Really more like the Thai soup I made for dinner.  Sigh.)

Truth be told, I'm nervous!  I had a childhood 
friend that used to say, when he was nervous, that he was more "het up than a woodpecker on a powerline."

 . . . yeah.  
Bless his heart.

Anyway, I'll save the deep explanation of my work and it's message and media for another blog.  Those of you who've seen my website or my etsy shop already know it's a little kooky.  
(As the pictures will show you, my displays are just as newfangled!)  But looking around at all the other vendors' wares, and especially at those who also are selling jewelry, I couldn't help but wonder . . .

will my little handmade artifacts be able to hold their own against the admittedly less unique but certainly lesser priced mass produced jewels in the booths around me?  

 . . . is the ratio right, between expense and exclusivity, to make sales. 

 I suppose all there is to do now is wait, and see how the coming weeks play out, and adjust accordingly.  I am so blessed in this life to be able to do what I love.  My pleas for patience and  peace come wrapped in a little rumpled prayer, because I know that in order to keep doing what I love, others will have to love it too.  especially, especially, ESPECIALLY, when what i love creating is something that is such a nonessential.  

There is much to be thankful for today.  And much to be learned over the coming tomorrows.  Meanwhile, I shall go raid the freezer before retiring for the night.  All the nail biting has made me a bit ravenous, and my sweet tooth demands an icy confection.

Nighty Night All!


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  1. We love you, we certainly do.

    My shopping tooth is here. My sweet tooth is Hagen Daaz, peanut butter-chocolate ice cream...