23 March 2009

Sweet Sweet Spring!

The baby has discovered Snowball Blossoms!  

(You know, those little puffy ball-shaped flowers that grow up in the springtime and burst into a cloud of fluff when you blow on them.)

Bite that birdie, baby!

We had a lazy weekend in the yard, taking in the sunshine and relishing the first days of spring.

Mason, aka "The Monkey" running through the yard.

I just love our yard, our home, and really the entire little town.  The countryside here is so beautiful. We're regaled with the cottony blossoms of the Bradford Pears in the spring, dogwoods growing wild in the woods and along the fields in the summer, and come fall, land stretched out as far as you can see, deep green and nestled beneath the heady weight of tobacco flowers.  Some people don't realize that tobacco even HAS flowers, but it DOES, and those flowers are beautifully wild and unruly.  Much like my Monkey!
(Yes, he is my Little Tobacco Flower.)

This year marks our town's 100th birthday.  Happy Birthday Fuquay-Varina!  
I adore you.
It's been a long and lovely journey from our roots as the tiny village of Sippihaw, named for the Native Americans who once inhabited this land.  Our town was built on the presence of a natural mineral spring, discovered by an unsuspecting farmer one day while ploughing his fields.  Word of the spring spread through Carolina, and tourists from near and far journeyed here to Southern Wake County, to see the springs and "take the waters" that were deemed to have healing properties.  So romantic!

So!  In honor of the spring season and the spring from which sprung our sweet little town, I have created a new necklace, now available in the Etsy Store.  
(I know, I know, you're thinking "Only ONE piece?!")  
But I have been so busy soaking up both two great warmths: 
the son in my arms and the one in the sky.
(and isn't that worth procrastinating for?)

At any rate, here she is, without further ado:

The Silvery Springs of Sippihaw Necklace

A bubbling confection of pearl and quartz, all shimmering on a handmade silver chain.  All components, per usual, are fabricated by yours truly.  There is nothing commercial or
mass produced within this piece.

Truly a springtime staple born from a spring-sprung town!

Wishing You Sunshine,

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