27 April 2009

Strange Happenings . . .

Today has been one of those sweltering spring days here in central Carolina.  It's the first few times of the season when the temperatures hit the early 90's that you feel like your breath is quite literally being sucked right out of you.  Though in a few short weeks this heat will feel normal, the season is still in its youth, and today's air almost shimmers with sultriness.  

It is in this type of air that it seems things might just magically appear, as if from some unseen portal to another time.  It was fitting, therefore, that while out in the yard this afternoon, my son looked up and pointed at a strange object in the sky.

"B'yoon!  B'yoon!"

I followed his gaze and the direction of his little pointed finger, and there sure enough was a giant "balloon" floating at the edge of our field.  

The balloon was really a blimp.  I just love blimps because they seem so mysterious.  This one was especially intriguing to me as it had no markings or company name on it whatsoever, making it seem like an airship flown to us from somewhere back in the early 20th century.

Odd to see a blimp in a field in the middle of nowhere.  

Just another ordinary oddity.

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