26 May 2009

Deep Breaths

{{There is more to come; this is all I had time to photograph today.}}

Digging Deep Necklace

Pietersite & Sterling Silver

This piece is really about inner fire.  Ambition.  Or just TRYING.

Earthy colors and layered texture make it more about the
metal work than the stone.  

Absolutely every bit of this necklace,
every loop, ring, curve, form, and shape,
was handmade.

It is made to be deep, like I am,
and show levels of detail and darkness,
like we all have.

I wanted to make something that spoke to those like me,
ones who have maybe been feeling a little lost.
Who know they are so far from perfect but who really want to be whole.

I wanted to remind you to always love yourself.
Even when you fail.
Even when you mess up.

It's meant to be a reminder of the good inside us, 
of the individual gifts we all possess.
It's meant to inspire.

I hope you like it.
But, for my own sake, cannot care if you do not.
This is what I do.  And what I love.
I urge you to feel the same about your own life's work.


  1. I dig. I really want to tough it. It's delicate and strong all at once.

  2. It's a totally wonderful piece of art, with alot of hard work put into it, and yes it has alot of heart and soul in it.