28 May 2009

From the Inside Out

From the Inside, Out 
(sterling silver, cubic zirconia)

this necklace is meant to be a form of geode.
Keith says it looks like a fairytale.

however you choose to see it, this is my way of saying that 
some of the best parts of us are on the inside.
just beneath the exterior.
sometimes hiding in shadows.
sometimes rising to the surface to catch the light.

hollowform construction, pierced, soldered, and gypsy set

again, dealing with the notions of depth, detail, darkness and light.

do you have a secret?


  1. That necklace is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. You're lucky :)

  2. wow. i really love this piece, and you know i'm not a 'cz' kinda girl...

  3. Gorgeous Jess! Keith is right, it does look like a fairy tale! Poignant and magical.
    -Sarah Hayes