14 May 2009

Happy Accidents

I was at the bench this morning trying to clean it up a bit.  Scrubbing the crock-pot, mixing a batch of fresh flux. I thought I'd go ahead and melt down some scrap silver I had sitting around. For those of you who don't know, silver balls up into lovely little buttons when melted down.  

Well, anyhow, it's SUPPOSED to!!!

Somehow, I managed to trap some air beneath the scrap as it was molten, and it bubbled up like liquid in a pot, bursting (yikes) and making an open cavity in the ball, leaving a hollow space.


Sort of a little barnacle-looking thingy now.
Fortunately, I LIKE little barnacle-looking thingys.

So, I let it cool.  And I picked it up and flipped it around.  It really was, in my mind, quite a nice little hollowform.  All organic yet looking somewhat rusty.  A contradiction in its own right.

On a whim, I set it atop my engagement ring, letting the diamond peep through.  I was curious about the raw metal against the polished stone.  The facets bright beneath the smooth pitted surface of the silver.  


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