15 May 2009


It's been a day of random rescues.  I took pictures of them all so that I could share them with you, but my husband has gone off to a photo shoot and taken my card reader with him.  So, alas, I have no way to get my photos off my camera and onto my computer.  (I don't think.  Maybe you know something I don't?)

I guess those images will just have to wait until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I've decided just to post the leftover photographs from the flea market this past weekend.  These were just things that caught my eye, that inspired a smile or a snort or some sort of positive reaction.  I've decided to start layering one wall in my office with pictures of things that appeal to me, even if I don't know why I like them, and perhaps over time I'll begin to notice some patterns emerging.  Yeah.  Perhaps.  

handmade porcelain tiles in gorgeous Mediterranean colors

Fiestaware.  i want it all, stacked in my non-existent china cabinets.

vintage mannequin hands.  they'd make lovely ring and bracelet displays.
or you could stick them in your garden, just under the edge of a shrub . . .

vintage mannequin arms.  you know, I've been telling Keith for months now
that we need some new towel racks in the guest bathroom . . .

vintage aprons and hand-stitched linens.  Tea time never tasted so good.

Well, I can tell you this for sure.  I DO love vintage.  And I DO love color.  And looking at these photographs, I think it's safe to reiterate that I also LOVE groupings.  Collections.  Clusters.  Anthologies.  Arrays and series and compilations. Maybe I'm learning that I really am a "more is more" kind of a girl.  For better or worse, I think to myself, why buy ONE cool mirror when THREE would make such a strong statement?  Or why plant ONE rose bush when a pathway leading up to the front porch would smell so much nicer?  Or why eat just ONE rhubarb muffcake when TWO are so much more satisfying?  I think these are reasonable questions.  (Don't know about you.)

And the last thing I saw that I fell in love with was this:

I think it would be so lovely in the hallway bathroom, reincarnated as a vanity bestowed with this sink.   Sitting sweetly under an array of silvery antique mirrors.  Keeping company with a vintage mannequin arm.  (A mannequin arm draped with hand-stitched hand towels.)  


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