06 May 2009

Shop Cat

So I didn't get around to posting new jewelry in the Etsy Shop for you . . .

BECAUSE, ahem, because I took some LOVELY photographs of the work, only to discover later on that I had forgotten to put the memory card back in the digital camera . . . hehehe.  

(That's my college degree really paying off.)

I did manage, however, to dig up some photographs I took in the shop last week while making stuff.

{{Meet Twittles}}

He's my shop cat; he stays with me near my bench at all times and loves to scowl ferociously at the torch flame while I'm soldering.  (I think he thinks it's alive.)

He's a professional gymnast:



and cutie-pie:

He's my sexy little drag-queen of a cat, always appearing like he's wearing eyeliner and lipstick.  
He didn't always look so handsome, though.

I found him one night outside of the little shop in town where I work part-time as
 "The Display Girl."  
(That means I CREATE the displays, people.  It doesn't mean I AM a display.)

Anyhoo, it was pouring down rain and he ran in the back door as I was taking the garbage out.  He had been in some sort of fight, I guess, and was bleeding from his neck.  He was just a tiny mewling mop of wet fur and grime, but really, isn't that just the cutest kind of kitten?

So I called Keith, who was at home with the baby that evening.
Me: Honey, could you and Mason come visit me at work?
Him:  Uh.  Why?  Everything okay at the shop?
Me:  Oh, yeah, sure!  Just missed you guys.  And bring a box, would ya?

So long story short, we took him home. 
(Much to Keith's chagrin; but don't let him kid you, he adores that cat.)
My son named him his silly little name, and Twittles patiently allows Mason to tug on his ears and tail.
And so we live, happily ever after.

I am a firm believer in animal rescue and pet adoption.  
Twittles is a steller companion for me on those nights when I work into the early hours of the morning.
Awake and appealing long after the bedtimes of my boys and the songbirds outside.

Every metals girl needs a shop cat.
Mine and I will see you tomorrow.


; )

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