22 May 2009

Staying Home

Memorial Day weekend and there's so much to do.  Everyone is headed somewhere.
But I'm staying home.
(Partly because we are minus one car!)

We are sipping on Muscadine wine and relishing the end of a week we're thankful is dead and gone.
I'm taking a careful look around the house.
Noting colors and textures and odds and ends.

The old mirror above the mantel.

Our bohemian bedding.

The light pouring in and the scent of home-grown basil flowering in the windowsill.

My nook.

So much of who I am is all around me.
In the people I've chosen to love, and who choose to love me everyday in return.
In the home I've built.
In the voice of the little boy who tries his best to do all that Mommy does.
In the dirt under my fingernails. 

It will be a weekend given to the sunlight, and to the studio.
My intention is to have new work in the Etsy Store very soon.

It has been two weeks since my confession.
I'm ready to move ahead.

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