20 May 2009

There Are Greater Things . . .

. . . than jewelry.
 . . . than design.
 . . . than even art.

Keith was in a car accident today.  
He made it home in one piece.
I cannot say the same for our truck.

It has been a day of priorities.
Of holding tight and staying close.  
Of thanking and praying and retracing steps.
Small steps, like last words spoken and goodbye kisses. 

We are reminded that things can change in an instant.
That nothing is guaranteed.
Directions and destinations are just intentions, and are never certain.
And we may end up far from where we thought we would be.

It may sound silly, but I wanted to thank you all.
(Because we really don't know what each day will bring.)
For reading this blog.
Whether it's to watch me succeed or to watch me fail, you give me a scrap of your time.
Thank you Ireland.
And Canada.
You two have been a constant presence these past few days,
and I don't know why.
But thank you for coming here.
I am trying, and really want to,
be my best for you, for them, and for me.
In this little life that I have.
That I love.

That I LOVE.

I'm feeling small and humble tonight.
It's nice.

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