12 June 2009

Badapple & The Triplets

I'm a new momma!
We finally found the perfect car for us.
A 2006 Honda Element EX-P.
Kiwi Metallic, including the fenders.
Black interior.
I've dubbed her, "The Badapple."
{{Pics will follow soon.}}

Now that the car thing is a wrap,
my production should be much more,

Which brings me to the next order of business!
Up and coming in the next day or so . . .

Three lovely stones.  (These are my favorites.)
Clockwise from the top:
TeePee Canyon Agate from South Dakota
Agua Nueva Agate from Mexico
Agua Nueva Agate also from Mexico

These babies are buff-top cut and super glossy.
The Agua Nueva closest to the camera
has a lovely little Drusy pocket in the upper half of the face.
All of them are amazingly colorful and have beautiful lines.
Like God sat down with the earth's core spread open and 
did a paint-by-number.

I have the bezels soldered for them and am hoping to begin transforming them
into rings this evening.  
(After being a bad wife and mom and ordering Chinese food.)
Hey, I bought a car today.
All I can afford is Chinese food.

I'll post them (and probably some progress photos)
as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your support on Etsy,
and for the kind convos and emails.
I'm thrilled to be starting custom work and to have met so many
nice and artistic people.
You all make me smile.
You, and The Badapple.

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  1. Duh!! I had you saved to my favorites, but it kept bring up the entry "Run Amuck Rings". I kept checking back with & you hadn't posted anything (I didn't think). I thought you were at the longest arts festival ever!!

    The stones are just yummy!!!


    ps, now to catch up.