02 June 2009

Carolina Frogstrangler
(a trinket for you)

sterling silver, ocean jasper, cubic zirconia

blackened and burnished for a contrasting finish

In the spring and summer, Carolina is known for its sudden and strong
thunderstorms.  They appear out of nowhere and leave just as quickly, 
often leaving rainbows and freshly-cooled air behind.

They're really kind of beautiful in all their rage and fury, and
soften everything in their path so that the land, 
after the storm, seems painted in watercolors.

We call them Frogstranglers, as they arise so suddenly,
the frogs often don't make it to higher ground fast enough,
and you'll find then swimming (or floating) in the puddles
and ditches around our fields.

This ring holds all the beauty and strength of a Carolina thunderstorm.
It is a force on your finger.
Wear it and feel strong.

In the Etsy Store Wednesday morning.

1 comment:

  1. Your work is so inspiring, the settings and colors are so romantic, I love each and every piece in your gallery!