06 June 2009

Fairy Dust

it may as well be.

silver dust is just as beautiful, in my opinion.
and it demonstrates just as clearly that something magical is happening.
that man moves metal.
that she can shape silver into submission.

I keep a little jar of the silver shavings and dust from my work bench.
Most of my scraps, I send off to a refinery in the Midwest to be recycled.
But the dust is a keepsake just for me.
The memory of things I've made and sent off into the world.
It's a sort of echo.
A vapor trail leading from me to you.
You have the result of the labor.
I have the evidence of it.


On another note:
I think my most recent pieces,
(thank you for buying them up so quickly!)
are the beginning of a style that i pray will keep evolving,
becoming more and more original.
i find myself still loving western and Asian influences
(the detail)
(the color)
(the sheer soul and uncompromising presence)

but i find also, that i love just as much that:
1.) which is vintage
2.) which is feminine in appearance yet masculine in aura
3.) which cannot be defined as singly western, or Asian, or vintage, or feminine.
Or as anything else.

Does that make sense?

I think I will keep in making with the rings for a bit,
as they are somewhat faster to make,
like exercises in the development of a style,
or hors d'oeuvres before a feast.
just a sampling really.
a taste of things to come.

that being said, if there is something you want to see sooner . . .
something ASIDE from rings,
please don't hesitate to let me know.
i certainly don't want to bore you!

how are you, by the way?
happy saturday.
happy june.

happy, happy, happy.

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