15 June 2009

Far East Fairytale

Sterling Silver, TeePee Canyon Agate, Cubic Zirconia, Garnet

I would like to mention something about pricing,
(just in case you thought I'd lost my mind recently with the prices on my latest rings.)
This stone as well as the stones in my past two pieces are 
without a doubt,
the nicest, most expensive, most UNIQUE stones
I've ever used in my work.

I am sure I paid far too much for them,
but really was in love with the hues and lines of each one.
I am not even pricing these according to the formula I 
would normally use, as my fear is that it would make them
too expensive for Etsy.

I just wanted to let you know so that you don't think
all my rings and all my jewelry will be priced this high
from now on.
It's not that I've gotten arrogant.
Or that I'm trying to take advantage of you.

I AM trying to find and offer up amazing and unique
stones that are maybe a little more difficult to 
find in the Etsy jewelry world.  
This may or may not be reflected in my pricing structure.
As I'm sure you can understand,
there is a direct relationship between how much
money I invest in a piece and how much I need
to earn from it to make it worth my time.
I hope this makes sense without sounding harsh.

Finally, my most recent work is also an attempt to get to the point of 
"letting go."
Of fears.
Of inhibitions.
It's me trying to make what I love without monitoring the market
and worrying about what will sell,
what is too expensive.

You can read more about this here.


  1. I completely get it in regards to the cost of more expensive stones: I have a weakness for really, really good Agua Nueva and agates of all kind.

    Your work is breathtaking and worth every penny.

  2. Uniquely you. Love your pieces even if I cannot afford them.

  3. Wow! Thank you both for the kind words . . . they really mean more than you know.

  4. These stones turn into little pieces of art in your hands. Breathtaking.