04 June 2009


Thought maybe I should show you a little more
of who I am,
and where I come from.

These photographs were taken the other day.
This is the roughly 3 block long section of 
Historic Downtown Varina.

The town of Varina joined with the town of Fuquay Springs in 1909
to form Fuquay-Varina.
So we have two separate historic downtowns.
Varina (shown in these photos) is going through some refurbishing,
and all the paint is beginning to make it look a bit like
Charleston's Rainbow Row!

I buy my bread and coffee here, at Nil's Bakery.
It's owned by a lovely couple and always has the
best Tabbouleh and stuffed grape leaves around.

This is a mural painted on the brick
along the side of the Varina Mercantile.
This one shop has dozens of little stores inside.

The Sports Bar, located on the corner, has
loft apartments above it.
They have only three beers on tap,
 but every Karaoke song imaginable.

Keith and I slip away here every once in awhile,
for a date and a dance and a slice of
NY style pizza at the joint across the street.

I work here, in the yellow store.
I'm a part-time shop girl.
I do the windows, the walls, the vignettes and end caps.

Bright, isn't it?  
(When we picked the color,
it didn't quite look like this on the paint swatch.)
But nobody misses us while coming down the street.
Personally, I think it's the best bit of marketing we've ever done.

I affectionately refer to the shop now as,
"The Hotdog Stand."

I'll be there tomorrow,
coffee in hand,
dressing mannequins and flipping diffuser reeds.

I may walks these sidewalks the rest of my days.
And I tell you,
I wouldn't mind that a bit!

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  1. Those pictures are beautiful! I love towns like this, so cute and cosy. :)