08 June 2009

Kipling Necklace

my friend Karin suggested today that i make something tragic.
"In a good way," she said.

shortly thereafter, in a cleaning frenzy,
i stumbled across an old poem 
my dad had given me several years ago
when i was dealing with some tough emotional stuff.
If, by Rudyard Kipling.

it's a simple poem, and i usually don't like rhyming,
but this one has been a favorite of mine since the day i first read it.

i decided to take the spirit of the poem and
Karin's words, and create something
worn and weathered.
sweet and strong.
a little rustic.
maybe romantic.
something that seems to have already lived a life worth remembering.
worth spinning into an anthology of advice.

Kipling Necklace

sterling silver, cubic zirconia
(fabricated, soldered, distressed, melted, finished, gypsy set)

and I know I said I would be working on rings . . .
there are two in progress I hope to have done, posted
on the blog, and listed in the shop by tomorrow evening!


  1. i am in love with this piece. i love the influence karin gave you. i think there is a glimpse of beauty in all tragedy. look at all of the artists, the ones we speak of now that have already lived, they all had quite a bit of 'tragedy.' maybe it is what sparks them. it seems to be where i find my beauty.