18 June 2009

Little by Little . . .

I'm wrapping things up.

a custom order for the lovely you-know-who-you-are customer:

Sterling silver, Botswana Agate, Cubic Zirconia

a pair of cagey-dangly-gypsy-leafy-lovely kind of earrings

solid sterling construction

And a pair of earrings that to me,
look like sea urchins in moonlit water.

sterling silver, moonstone


Off to the Etsy Shop with me.
Hope you all are having a nice afternoon.
Like my humidity hairdo above?
(88 degrees and rainy here.)


  1. Beautiful necklace...lucky lady, and beautiful earring too.
    Boy do I remember...90s and dripping, but your hair seems quite fine. : )

  2. The necklace is stunning...I love the clasp you made for it. The earring are great too, but the cagey-dangly-gypsy-leafy-lovely kind of earrings just want to jump onto my ears...seriously.