28 June 2009


We spent the weekend in homemade rain.
Watering crops.
And ourselves.

Somedays I watch Mason and see myself twenty years ago.
My dad once told me that when you have a child,
you get to grow up all over again.

The curiosities.
The challenges.
The "ignorance is bliss" mentality.

Growing up is like anything else.
You learn the rules.
How certain things work.
And, maybe more importantly,
How things in life will never work the way the rules say they should.

So you adapt.
And you bend the rules, or remake the rules.
Or you follow the rules of others and always wonder,

what might have happened if I had gone the other way?

The crops need watering.
But . . .
Who says the sky doesn't need watering too?

* * * * *

have a lovely Monday.
It is Morsel Monday, Issue 2



  1. Delightful morsels you prepared for us! Beautiful pictures and words to think about! Looks like Mason, the garden, and the skies all got watered. A happy Monday to you and Mason!


  2. Those are some great shots...and such a beautiful child! Happy Monday Rosy.

  3. Happy Monday to you too, husband of mine. You're making dinner, right?xoxoxo

  4. What beautiful photos, capturing beautiful moments of a truly beautiful little boy! Summer magic...

  5. Not only are you a talented silversmith, you're a talented photographer. Those photos are just beautiful.