16 June 2009

Rainy Day

We had flooding in parts of town today.
Downtown was a soggy, quiet hum as opposed to
the dry buzz it normally is.

They put umbrellas up on the cafe tables lining the sidewalks.
Mustafa, the owner of the bakery near where I work,
stopped by the shop to give me a warm cup of coffee 
and an equally warm smile.

I only worked for a few hours, 
gathering up items to be donated to the Women's Crisis Shelter in Raleigh.

It was the first time I'd taken The Bad Apple to work.
It was nice.

Later, on the way home, I took in the scenery and the stillness of the landscape.
Everything seems a little more saturated after a good rain.
Even my heart.

In the color-drenched aftermath of our southern storms,
somehow even the trains seemed lovely.

I drove the back roads home with the windows down
and listened to this.
I love this song.
Today, with the wind in my hair and the sight of the lightening up ahead,
it felt like the whole earth was loving it with me.

The smells of the earth and the crops 
and the rain on wet pavement will always remind me 
of those quiet moments to myself.
In the car, between here and there,
now and then,
when it's just me.
Just me.

The tobacco was grateful for the rain today.
As was I.


  1. Lovely post and words. It's been raining a ton here too. My tomato plants are very happy. I'm glad to see the rain inspire you today!

  2. Lovely post, reminds me of when I lived close to the beautiful Smokies...the rain, the low fog, the saturated air, the green, the South!

    Have a great day!

  3. Thank goodness all the wet weather is inspiring!! We're in for several more days of it . . . thank you both for stopping by.