10 June 2009

Run Amuck Rings

Here they are.
we love and hate each other;
i think we've stared at one another for too long.

 the idea here was to create two different pieces
based on the same concept.
tt was a thundering rain shower we had here several days ago,
that nearly crushed the roses in the front yard,
that had me thinking of 
"raindrops on roses."
so here are the two variations on that theme.

the funny thing is neither one really turned out the way i had sketched it.
they seemed to breathe life into themselves
(i'm still trying to decide whether or not i appreciate their defiance)
and grow wings, flying  just slightly off center of what i was aiming for.

i was thinking "vintage" for one,
and "whimsical" for the other.
rather, I think I ended up closer to
"gothic" for the former, and
"tribal" for the latter.

now i will confess to thinking that, sure, there is something
kind of nice about an idea taking flight and forming it's own identity,
despite the plans and directives you, as the creator, may have in mind.
(i guess it's kind of like  being a parent.)

but on the other hand, while the independence can be admirable,
it can also be frustrating.
sometimes, i think, our art forces us to be more open-minded than we
maybe are willing or wanting to be.

though not quite as I had hoped, 
here they are in all their rosy rusticity and run amok manner.
lovely rascals.
swashbuckling sweethearts.

i'm off to write up my Etsy info and post them in the store.
purchase at your own risk; these puppies are WILD.

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog from somewhere else & realized that you're in my neck of the woods. A friend of mine saw you at Centerfest & loved your pieces. I think they are all so unique & romantic yet edgy. I also make jewelry, but I've just started so I haven't found my legs yet. Love your work!