25 June 2009



A few quick things . . . no pictures to post right now.
First, I am trying REALLY hard to get a few rings {{that are not reserved}}
into the Etsy Store by tomorrow afternoon.
I have (happily) been working to death on custom orders and still have six in progress,
but I also want to be sure I keep things up online for the rest of you,
should you be so kind as to be interested in my little baubles.

I am, however, leaving for Virginia tomorrow evening to celebrate Clara Dale's birthday.
(From here on out, I shall be proper and refer to her as Grandmom.)
We are entering the phases of forgetfulness and fatigue;
I want to see her and let her see Mason while she still has the energy and awareness to love us
with strong arms and and a firm mind.
Grandmom and Pop live on a 56 acre farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
I'm sure Morsel Monday will be loaded with pictures of this place.
It is a place I've been blessed enough to return to for as long as I can remember.
A place that holds my childhood firmly in the folds of its rolling green fields.

We will be back on Sunday. Raw and refreshed, I'm sure.
Raw, refreshed, and inspired all over again.

I think that was all I had to tell you.
I think.

And now back to the studio to make good of my intentions.
At least three new rings in the shop tomorrow.

sweet dreams.
dreams of rings and lovely things.


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  1. The Blue Ridge...umm!
    Happy Birthday to Grandma who has such a beautiful name!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!