08 July 2009

The Awaited:

Smokehouse Earrings:
(Red Creek Jasper, Sterling Silver)

This is a land of peeling paint.
Throughout our fields and in our pastures, along the tree lines,
exist the remains of the outbuildings from our plantation days.
Slave quarters, I sadly suppose.
Barns and sheds.
And mostly smokehouses.

Many of the farmers around here have opted to keep the old shacks.
I rather love them from an aesthetic and historic point of view.
It's a lovely sight in the mornings, these hazy wooded structures
looking suddenly warm and dreamy in the light of a rising sun.

Though at night they can be frightening.

I'll make it a point to post some more photos of them later this week,
but it's the detail and depth of the paint and wood that make them so visually lovely.
You can actually see the years.
Layer upon layer of rot and rust make for interesting textures and colors,
and the lines of the lumber have a rhythm all their own.

Here, I have used a finer gauge sterling sheet than I normally would.
And the pierced holes are as functional as they are decorative,
serving to lighten to weight of the settings.

Post-style dangles provide length and swing for
those of us who want it but have earlobes which were adorned throughout the eighties.
Perhaps a little stretched.
The sign of true jewelaholic.

A little wild and a little worn,
and certainly filled with the all the warmth of a smokehouse curing tobacco leaves.

Two versions,
warm and cool.

In the Etsy Shop tomorrow.


  1. These earrings are lovely but I think my favorite part of this post is how roughed up your fingers look in a few of these shots. A sign of a woman who is a true "maker of lovely things" is a pair of hands that aren't so lovely. :)

  2. Love the earrings and love those huts...I came across many a hut like that when I lived in Tennessee...

  3. Oh, man, you completely saw through my attempt at blurring away the scrapes! My hands ARE a big mess! I'll never have pretty lady hands . . . but at least they work well. Though I'm forever dropping things. Do any other jewelers out there feel like they spend more time on the floor scrounging up lost pieces than they do designing? No? Just me? Well, then! Best get some knee pads and carry on.

  4. I keep a broom in my shop who's only purpose is for gerular "sweeps" under my bench to collect all the pits and baubles that have found their way under there.
    PS my hands are a MESS. Thank goodness for the "retouch" function in iphoto!

  5. The colors are exactly like in the picture of the smokehouse! Amazing!!