07 July 2009

Back to Breathing

I'm over my little panic spell from earlier.
You'll have to please forgive my anxiousness.
I'm still somewhat a newbie at blogging.
And at making rings, for that matter.
Just want to do well at both.
But anyway!
I'm doing my best and you've been so supportive and kind in your emails this evening.
Plus, I just had a bowl of homegrown blueberries and homemade whipped-cream.
Nothing that can't fix.
I'm feeling much calmer now.

(The blueberries were more ripe in the bowl than when I photographed them.
Just so you know in case your pucker-function is going crazy.)

The two necklaces and ring are completely constructed, cleaned, and patina-fied.
I just haven't gotten to setting the stones and photographing them tonight with all this ring business.

It will be my first order of affairs in the morning.
I promise you will have something yummy to feast your eyes upon by lunchtime.

And by suppertime, there should be earrings in the mix as well.

Also on the agenda tomorrow:
Buying a ring sizer.
I know you pay a lot for my jewelry and it should fit you, daggumit!
An extra tool to ensure that happens couldn't hurt.

I'm off to respond to some Etsy convos.
Have a lovely evening and I'll see you tomorrow.



  1. anticipating a lovely lunch tomorrow :)

  2. Anticipation...I LOVE blueberries, and they tend to fix all of my anxieties!