27 July 2009

Concussions and Such

He's at that age, I know, where this kind of stuff is more likely to happen . . .
Mason fell down the steps and, according to our doctor in the emergency room, has a mild to moderate concussion.
This means he'll be home with me today and possibly tomorrow, pushing studio work back to the middle of the week. Please be patient with me as I know this delays several custom orders.
However, my son is of course my top priority and "mom" will always be my most important job.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience!


  1. Nothing like staying home with mommy to make hurts go away!

    Happy Monday!

  2. Happy Monday Rosy!
    Hope your little man is doing OK...you are a good mommy!
    Peace from Canada

  3. Oh, bugger!

    I hope he (and you) find the next few days full of calm & rejuvenation.

  4. Oh no Jess - wishing him a fast recovery! Have a good couple of days of momma time...you deserve it.

  5. I hate the big boo-boos that can't be kissed away. I trip to the ER is always scarry. Hope he is feeling better (you too momma)

  6. Oh dear, fall are so scary! I am glad that your little guy is okay.

  7. thank you everyone. very much!