16 July 2009

Core Strength

I'm alive, I swear.
Did you think I'd up and left you?

I've been a little tired the last two days.
Keith and Mason both have a bit of a cold.
I'm fighting it.
I think I'm losing.

To help everyone feel a little better, I've been delving into my cookbooks,
searching for summer soups and other vegetable-stocked, vitamin-packed edible pleasures.

This means I've also spent a lot of time at the local produce stand.
(Note the building. He he.)

Holland Farms produce is the sweetest little gathering spot this side of the railroad tracks.
On this particular day, I showed up right before they were closing,
so they were rather picked over and people-free.
((On the other hand, I didn't have to fight for my right to the best looking cantaloupe.))

It's a place where the potatoes are so fresh, you have to scrub the soil from them when you get home.
And your feet too.
In the fall, the veggies will give way to pumpkins and ornamental squash,
and at Christmas, there will be strung lights, spruce trees, and space heaters,
and the good ole boys sitting there on stools weaving fresh pine needles into lush evergreen garland.

So anyhow.
My fellows are feeling a little better thanks to Mother Nature and the boys who work alongside her.

I'm feeling alright.
As I said, a bit scratchy in the throat (maybe allergies)
and a bit scratchy in the eyes (I think that's emotions)
a little tired and a little taut.

Is it normal to go through waves of such strong self doubt?
I think Worry has me tired.
I despise him, especially when he digs deep into my shoulder and rides there nonstop from dawn to dusk.
Am I making enough?
Am I spending enough time with my family?
Will things that don't sell right away ever sell at all, or is that a sign that people just don't like them?

My hips hurt a lot these days.
I think because I've lost quite a bit of my core strength since having Mason,
and I overcompensate, somehow using my hips to support myself.
Sitting at the bench all day, hunched over, doesn't help.

I know I need to do some serious core strengthening.
((Crunches and crap.))
But I also think I need to do some emotional core strengthening.
A little toughening up my insides.
Sensitivity is good; reading into every little thing is not.

I'll feel better tomorrow. No whining, I promise.
Nothing homemade Honey Crunch Bars can't fix.
((Yes, I believe in the almighty power of comfort food.))

I hope that wherever you are, you are well.
Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read my about my little life and my little issues.
(And thank you to those of you who have already had comforting words to share.)


  1. don't doubt yourself! you are fairly new to etsy and believe me, it does take some time for word to spread--especially the higher end items--it took me a while, but now my pieces sell okay. if this past month hadn't been slow for me I'd have bought five of your pieces on the spot--perhaps others are waiting for their fortunes to roll in also :).

  2. Oh girl.... the creative instinct also has this flip side of worry. You've made people sit up and take notice and that's amazing - just take a few days to refill your well by pampering yourself and visiting places that are nourishing to your spirit.

  3. RR, I love the neighborhood produce shop, so creative. I must dig through my summer soup recipes because I know I have one that heals every ailment.

    Your art is beautiful. Don't hunch over too much. Stretch...your insides and your outsides. Be forgiving (to yourself) and.... Wowie, it is so much easier to give advice than to take it.

    I am going to start an Etsy fund for the beautiful Etsy artists that I buy from... it will be a pleasure to wear or make a gift of your art.


  4. Magical produce shop, magical! I always feel so nourished (in body and spirit) after visiting the farmer's market in my city. It's only open for half the year (the half that doesn't have snow!), and it takes over two downtown blocks, and everything is fresh and delicious, and I love to drink it all in. Last weekend, as usual, I went with my roomate and her 2 year old son, and by the end, he was jumping down the lane yelling, "horray farmamarket!!" over and over. It was amazing.

    As for your spirit, my dear, I'm sure times like this will roll in from time to time. So, I'll put my two cents: Your work is phenomenal. I went for brunch with my two dearest friends, and one of them said (about the Vintage Heart ring): "They make them like THAT?" She was impressed, and clearly had never seen anything like it. Your work is so special, and so unique. You have a style all your own, and it is lucious, and delicate, and bold and fabulous! There is a story behind every piece, and you are brave enough to share that with whomever may stop by. And, being the proud guardian of two RosyRevolver rings myself, can attest to the fact that they are incredibly well made. Smooth and perfect and strong and built to last. Hugs and kisses to you, dazzling lady!

    P.S. remember my "living under a bridge" comment? It still holds!

  5. Self doubt, juggling work and home and keeping all the loose ends from unraveling. We're all in the trenches together fighting many of the same battles. Hope you all get to feeling better. Your work is an inspiration and appears to be skillfully made and designed with thought and care. If you build it they will come. Just keep doin' what you do.

  6. Thank you everyone. I'm really not sure what my deal has been these past two days, but I'm feeling much better this morning! Love the reference, Susie. I will "go the disance!"

  7. Yum to fresh veggies - hang in there and feel better!

  8. Oh.. I love going to farms and farmers markets to get fresh goodies. We are trying to grow some things on our balcony too, but we eat it faster than it can grow.
    Hope you feel better.. have a great weekend! ;)