21 July 2009

Cornflower Ring

Watery Kyanite as shining as a moonlit lagoon.
The color of cornflowers.
And Mason's eyes.

delicate and delicious.
and so small, i thought my branding stamp too obtrusive.
intead, a tiny hallmark tag dances from the band.
a tickling trifle.
a tinkling sound.

set in a hand-hewn bezel of sterling petals.
rests horizontally across the finger for a more dynamic look and comfortable fit.

In the Etsy shop this evening.


  1. Holy smokes, that is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Did I just say holy smokes??!

  2. Oh my gorgeousness!! I love that ring! xo

  3. Lovely, I like the dangling tag (I love a little movement in my jewerly), and that blue is an amazing color. I like the smaller size too-the big pieces blow me away, but the smaller ones are better to wear every day.

  4. Love the rich blue colour... its so pretty! ;)

  5. It is gorgeous! I love your jewelry! You are very talented.