04 July 2009

Do I Know? Know, I do not.

Oh yes, I meant "Know."

I've never in my whole little life made a basket setting before.
I have no clue what I'm doing.
All I can do is look at pictures, play, and pray.

I've been fooling around with some crude designs.
I think that with this honker of quartz, the light must be able to shine through.
So a traditional bezel setting would never work.
(Though goodness knows it would be easier if I just set the durn thing,
upside down,
in a bezel,
so that the point faced outwards.)
Which seems kind of cool.
But cold too.
Cool is good, but cold is not what I'm after.
You understand what I mean?

I'm using a heavy gauge square wire because I like that the wire,
like the stone,
has facets.
It's a steady, no-nonsense kind of wire.
I feel it will bring some seriousness to a piece of jewelry that is
sure to be not-so-serious.

Just figuring out how to lay out the pieces to solder them has been an awkward adventure.
I feel like a lefty in a right-handed world.

But I'm getting it down.
The fit.
The angles.
(I hate math but am oh-so-thankful today for my geometry classes.)

A double basket will give me some room for embellishment.
And extra support.
(Every girl needs support and embellishment.)

And nobody needs a pointy setting piercing their skin.

It's taking some shape now, but still a murky little design.

I'm getting there . . .
figuring it out.

still lots to figure out, though!
Did I mention I have no idea what I'm doing?

Back to the studio for a late night.
Happy 4th of July again, everyone!
And Happy Birthday, my dear America!



  1. I SO thoroughly enjoyed this post. can't wait to see the ring finished. I love where you are going with it.

    by the way, this might be the cutest blog I've ever met. The graphics, the pics, the writing - oh my!