20 July 2009

Fanning the Flame

Well I'm officially a tiny bit teacher now.
My first class was a success.
We didn't burn down the studio, but we were certainly on fire.

Being there and helping others to create and learn something they really want to know . . .
it made me remember how much I loved learning.
It made me remember how much I miss school.
The enthusiasm.
Ideas slamming around the room and the evolution of a story into a sketch,
a sketch into a sample,
a sample into something huge in either sentiment or scale.
And everything made with meaning.
Infused with thought.
On fire.

After the girls left, I celebrated with a small tribute to that inner burn.

Fanning the Flames Ring
(Sterling Silver, Ocean Jasper, Cubic Zirconia)

A trifle to remember my own path of learning and my own ongoing push to know more.

Why settle for a spark if something moves you to the point of combusting?
I think a lot of artists know what I mean when I say that we have to create.
To be happy. To feel whole.
So fan the flame.
Let it burn high and let it burn hot.
And keep it fed,
protect it.

It may be a metaphorical fire.
But it does help warm you.

In the Etsy shop in the morning.

goodnight all,

PS- Monday Morsels will be up tomorrow morning as well. It's a doozy. 40 photos. Whew!


  1. Wow...that is gorgeous. I love that stone!

  2. It's true. I HAVE to make stuff. It doesn't matter what "stuff" it is.. just as long as it was something different before it became something else.. and is filled with love and soul. :)

    What a wonderful world it must have been to have you as a teacher!

  3. Teachers should really have their own holiday.
    And streets named after them.
    And well, a parade.
    Love the ring!

  4. WOW! Your jewelry is beautiful...what a talent. Thank you for your response on using your post the other day...I will be emailing you soon with more information!
    I think I may have to think about saving up and purchasing one of your pieces. Do you ship to Canada?
    Love and Light

  5. "Why settle for a spark if something moves you to the point of combusting?"

    This is fantastic!

  6. wow! this is stunning. I'll bet you are a great teacher. congratulations on your class and on creating such a wonderful piece!

  7. NOTE: I'm working in the little shop downtown today and haven't had a chance to list this ring in Etsy. Will do so tonight! (Tuesday.)