14 July 2009

First of Four

Smokehouse Ring
(Sterling Silver, Red Creek Jasper, Cubic Zirconia)

A marquis-shaped, patina blue, rustic patterned jasper sits horizontally in a winged filigree setting.
Flanked from above and below with subtly sparkling accents.

Two hand-pierced hearts puncture the baseplate, a reminder that this piece was lovingly made.

Hand-hewn petals and sterling spheres cling to either side of a medium width, handmade shank.

Loaded with texture.
A play on shadow and light.

Rusticity and Romance.
And completely one of a kind.

A ring designed to span three fingers and even more generations.
Made to last; may it exist long after you and I are gone.

Beginning from stone and ore.
Built into an heirloom.
A collaboration of earth and hands.

In the Etsy store tonight.

(More items to be posted on the blog and in the shop throughout the day today.)


  1. Oh. My.

    This is incredible, lady.

    I will watch for it.. like a hawk.

    You are truly inspired.

  2. I do believe the back of your rings are almost as pretty as the fronts, lovely details. Can't wait to see the rest!

  3. ouch! that's hot.

    you really amaze and inspire me.

  4. Girl, you sure know how to work a saw. Another beautiful piece.