31 July 2009

Guess Who Came Home

Remember my Thulite slab?

My slab love has turned to cab love.
The resulting quintuplets arrived home today.

They are very soft in sheen,
possessing an almost eggshell-esque luster.
And powder-smooth to the touch.

Mild and muted,
like a foggy Carolina sunrise.

Not sure when or what will be made with them yet . . .
but wanted you to see.

* * * * *

In Other News:

I am working on re-writing my Etsy Shop policies.
The shop is looking rather pitiful and I suspect it has something to do with the amount
of time I spend doing custom orders vs. the amount of time I spend
designing fresh "free-for-all" pieces for the online store.
I'm working on the policies this weekend,
and should have them posted by Monday.

Secondly, I'll be putting items on sale once they've been in the shop for three months.
How much "on sale" will be determined item by item.

Thirdly, I want to have a give-away when I reach 50 sales.
It took me 7 months to make my first sale on Etsy,
and I think the 50th will be cause for huge celebration!!!
(Knock on wood that I get there!)
Details to be figured out in the upper-thirties realm.

Finally . . . and this is kind of exciting I think,
I'm opening a new store,
The Trinketry.

This will be my destash location for all the materials I don't use anymore.
(If you saw my Monday Morsel's post on my jewelry past, you know I've dabbled in a lot of . . . stuff.)

Trinketry will mainly be a home for vintage beads and crystals,
gemstones, old hardware and bakelite, various jewelry displays, tools, ephemera, fiber, etc.
I may throw in a few flea market finds as well.
I'm hoping to unload some of my old things to help build a better material inventory for my current work,
deepening my pool of silver and stones.
I'll begin photographing individual items and building up the shop shelves this weekend.
I've included a few photos to give you a sneak peak at what will be listed.

Vintage glass and crystal beads.
Absolutely no plastic.

Rosy Notions:
Copper blooms fused with yellow enamel.

So if you're a beader, crafter, scrapper, collector, or whatever, come check it out next week.

* * * * *

Finally, I DO hope to be getting a few new items in the jewelry shop on Sunday.
My fingers are crossed!
(More wood knocking, please.)

I hope you all are well.
Thank you again to everyone who stopped by to wish Mason well.
He's downstairs serenading Keith with his ABC's even as I sign off.
Happy Friday!!!



  1. Good luck with your new shop! Can't wait to see what the stones become :)

  2. A new shop! That is sooo cool! I look forward to seeing it. :) I'm also looking forward to seeing what you do with those cabs- lovely!!

  3. Oh, wow!
    Can't wait to see all of the goodies in your shop, and since my jewelery is coming out this weekend, I am sure I will be hitting it up!

    Girl, I am ready for your giveaway..
    everybody else better watch out!
    I am gonna be like a football player on steroids!
    I love your work, and I am gonna win some, damnit.
    I will tackle for your jewelry. hahahaha!

  4. I'm definitely gonna have to come up with a custom order policy of my own.. things are QUITE un-balanced around here as of late...

  5. Kate, you are freakin' hilarous. LOVED your post today. Em, tell me what you come up with, 'cause I'm stuck. The business side of business might be the death of me! : )

  6. Looking forward to what you will be doing with those sunrise-y cabs! They are truly wonderful!
    And best of luck with your new shop!!!!