07 July 2009

Issues. I got 'em.

Hello people!

Please excuse the seemingly endless pause in my jewelry posts . . .
I'm a bit of a cluster@#$% at the moment!

For those of you curious about the Chunky Wonder,
{as I've taken to calling the large quartz stone I posted last week)
I worked a bit too late the other night and,
in my sleepy state,
burned up the setting.
I'm reworking that and hope to have it out and about in the blog world by the weekend.
(Cross your fingers.)

I am having some, er, questions, regarding my ring sizes.
My bands aren't round.
I don't make them round because I just don't like them round.
But I use a round mandrel.
And a hammer.
To make them.
(You see where I'm going with this?)

It seems there might be a discrepancy between a round mandrel's sizing scale,
and a three-quarter round sizing scale.
Seems my rings have been running a bit large?
I've always measured my own fingers my this particular mandrel and 3/4 round shanks,
so . . .
I just feel silly.

I have a ring I really want to post tonight but am suddenly concerned
about having sized it inaccurately.
I am awaiting some more feedback from customers I've contacted
before settling on what size it FITS,
as opposed to what size it might be LABELED.
Make sense?

And finally, I DO have two necklaces (in addition to said ring)
in the final stages of finishing,
and I think they should be up on the blog later tonight.
The stones for the necklaces (and said ring) are these:

And I'm also in the midst of two sets of earrings,
made of these pretty pairs.

These should be tomorrow's post.

So I AM working!
Just not my most organized and stellar self this week.

I think I'm having a Monday a day too late.

How are YOU?


  1. I work Tues-Sat, so Tuesday is always my Monday (if that makes sense). Ring sizing is way trickier than it should be- it always seems so straight forward until I finish a ring and try it on, especially if I use a wider band. What are the bottom stones (some sort of jasper?)- they look like little Jackson Polacks, can't wait to see what you do with them. OK, done leaving world's longest comment (totally ditched my bench tonight and went fishin' - maybe tomorrow night I'll finish the pieces I have been making for two weeks now).

  2. oh, lady, I'd LOVE to go fishing . . . don't even remember the last time . . .
    good for you. and thanks for the empathy. is there a Dumb-Butt jeweler award out there? i call it. all mine.

  3. oh! and the stones are Red Creek Jasper.

  4. I'm salivating over them there stones... I love jasper, jasper, any kind of jasper; yummy!

  5. These stones are incredible! I know nothing about sizing rings and usually for me it does not matter a lot because my fingers change size indoors/outdoors hot/cold salty food...etc It really is annoying to me.

    Wow again to those stones or gems?

  6. I can't help you with the sizing, but by now, you've already figured it out. I've been thinking about getting the square ring mandrel.