02 July 2009

Leak, Fill, Leak, Refill, Repeat.

If hope had a taste, I think it would be slightly sour.
{{Not in a bitter, acidic kind of way.}}
But in a tart, pucker your lips and hang-on-because-the-sweet-part-is-coming kind of way.

Like lemon drops.
Like key lime pie.

Because if you have hope, there must be something
not-so-lovely going on in your life that has made you grasp onto it.

I admit to having a sassy side,
and a silly side.
But mostly I would say I'm sentimental.
I'm soft.
I worry a lot, though I don't like to or want to.
Optimism for me is a choice.
An exercise for my soul,
something I have to work on every day,
and just as important as fitness and hygiene.

I realize for many, a half-full glass is a permanent fixture
in the design of their interiors.
They come by their optimism honestly.

My glass, too, is a permanent fixture.
But it has a permanent leak.

I have decided that I rather like the leak, though,
as tedious as it can be to refill the glass every day.

A refill means an acknowledgment that things are not quite as you would have them be,
but it also signifies a decision to make the best of the situation at hand.
So the refill becomes a quiet statement of strength.

And a repetitive refill, day after day after day . . .
this is determination.
this is persistence.

Hope is fluid. It can leak out, or evaporate.
It can dry up.

It's our job to refill our glasses,
as repeatedly as necessary.
To keep the soil saturated and the waters high.

Well, at least to half full.

Because happiness and hopefulness are as much a choice as they are chance.

Fill it up.
When it is gone,
fill it again.

Refill and Repeat.


  1. Beautiful piece as well as sentiment. I'm an alarmist-that means instead of the glass being half full or half empty, I'm up all night thinking, oh crap, what if my cup has a hole and is leaking and I don't even know it. May we never wake up to empty cups!

  2. Amen! Found your blog, Susie, and really enjoyed seeing your flower paintings. Remind me a bit of the Van Goghs I'm so in love with. They are all over my house!

  3. Hey RR,
    I do feel as you do, I work at it, really! Everyday and all the time!
    And I loved the ring, more my size (compared to the other beauties you created) but alas it flew away. Patience only makes heart grow what?...

  4. That is such a sweet ring. I love the stone.