28 July 2009

On the Mend

Things are returning to normal.
The Monkey is alright.
We spent the remainder of yesterday and all of today under the covers, or on the couch.
It has been two days made for soup and Spongebob Squarepants.
It has been a time for snuggling.

I did take this time together to reinforce some toilet training.
Mason took this as a time to catch up on some extra reading.

"Hey Mommy, did you know . . . . ?"

Pasta-sauce face and socks.
I guess it doesn't get much better than that.

I'm told that as long as he continues to hold food down,
and doesn't exhibit any unusual behavior,
he's good to go back to daycare tomorrow.
A clean bill of health!

A concussion isn't necessarily a huge deal,
but this was my biggest scare as a mom so far.
Keith assures me this is the first of many falls.
(Mr. Comforting)

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write comments and wish him well,
and also to those of you who wrote me private emails and convos.
It meant more than you know.

I'll be back in the studio tomorrow and will get back to custom orders,
as well as a few new items for the shop.

I do have an announcement I'll be making Friday in regards to Etsy.

Thank you again, sweet women, for being there.


  1. Glad to see he is doing better!
    You are a wonderful momma.
    And I hope you know that.

    And it looks like the accident may have improved his reading skills. :)

  2. Awww! What a great mommy you are. SO glad he is doing ok..

  3. ...what a sweet pea...no pun intended...little big man he is...

    ... just precious... :)

  4. That's our boy, a man in training already! This compliments his farts and burps very well.

  5. you have amazing jewelry! I'm not sure how to follow your blog though

  6. Thank you everyone! I wasn't sure if these were blog appropriate pictures, but decided to post them anyhow. I think we'll be sending them off to Men's Journal just for fun.

    Thank you Nancy and DR for stopping by. It was so nice to see your comments.

  7. Oooh I didn't read that post before. I had a concussion in December and it was so not fun. Poor little cuteness. Those photos are too dang cute. xo
    ( I need to add you to our blogroll in the side so I don't miss your posts.)

  8. Mason was such a beautiful infant and has grown into the most beautiful little boy. Brought tears to my eyes to see how he's grown...precious photos Jess!!

  9. Mason is a cutie for sure, and he reads his magazine like a man, sitting on the potty. Wow!


  10. Glad to hear the little guy is doing well.

    Awwww... such a super cute photo... a good one to embarrass him later when he is a teen.. heehee. I love how most kids will have a photo like this in their album. ;)

  11. heheheee...hold onto these pics for his date! He'll love you for it :) Glad he's feeling better! Tyler took his first major spill 2weeks ago...I think sometimes when they get hurt it's actually worse on the mom!

  12. Aww so cute...oh Men's Journal...starting him off young!

  13. Hoping today is a good day and O.M.G your little man is beyond adorable!!!

  14. So glad that he is feeling better!!! Love the pics...I see that you have him reading quality magazines...you REALLY are a great mommy!