10 July 2009

Smokehouse Earrings

A third pair . . .
to be posted in the Etsy shop around 11pm eastern time.

A bit darker and more rustic.
A bit larger.
In shades of collard greens and cayenne pepper.

They'll fan your neck on a hot day.

Sterling Silver, Red Creek Jasper

As lovely from behind as they are from the front.
The removed metal also helps to reduce the weight.

A finer gauge metal than I use for rings and necklaces also helps lighten these up.

Handmade posts with butterfly backs.

In the Etsy Store later tonight.

PS: I've gone Red Creek Crazy.

On the studio bench and up over the next two days:
2 necklaces
2 rings
3 more earrings
so back to work now!

: )


  1. Oh my goodness, earrings, oh my goodness again, necklaces, rings and earrings....what is a gal supposed to do?

  2. I am diggin' the red creek jasper - very cool color variations.