12 August 2009

Festoons and Revamped Fandangles

First off, a custom finger festoon.

Florafire Ring
Dryhead Agate, Sterling Silver, Garnets, Cubic Zirconia

Built from eighteen individual pieces of hand-hewn sterling silver.

Fierce and feminine.
A little flashy.
A free-spirit of silver and stone.

A heart.
A flower.
A flame.
Tangible passion.

* * * * *

And . . .
Remember this?

Which inspired these . . ?

The original green Smokehouse Earrings were returned to me due to their weight.
I should have mentioned that these ladies are quite, er, healthy.
Before re-listing them, I decided I'd do a little retouching to make them unique again.

So now . . .

The posts have been replaced with handmade, ultra-embellished french earwires.
And the stones have been set off in a trio of garnets.
And yes, they are still heavy.
Weighing in at about a half ounce each.

A brazen display of drama and dare-devilishness.
Earrings that are not for the weak at heart . . .
or the weak at lobe, for that matter.

Adorned front and back so you leave them looking every bit as lovely as you came.

Solid and sturdy.

Smokehouse style.

In the shop tomorrow morning.


  1. The work that goes into your pieces amazes me. I can't believe you totally revamped those earrings, even prettier the second time around- reminds me of those pretty dresses flamenco dancers wear, all swirly and sparkly and colorful. Hope your week is going well and your hubby returns safe and sound soon. Take care.

  2. ...yeah baby...very sexy... :)

  3. I have recently discovered your blog and I must say you do really amazing jewelry! So strong and beautiful and in the same time so sweet and feminine. I would like visit your blog from time to time ;)

  4. Wow, so many beautiful things...I love the filligree on your designs, and the attention to detail, even on the back of the earrings and rings. I have to say, I like the Smokehouse earrings after revisions even more than the first design :)

  5. Everyone already said it...just beautiful!


  6. what i love about the style of your jewelry is its antique-postmodernism.

    lots of love! may your vision continue to grow heliotropically in God's never-ending Love and may you be blessed beyond your wildest imagination!!!!!

  7. Oh, that ring!
    It looks like a mix between a sacred heart and a milagro, I absolutely love it!
    Hmmm, I wonder if you could make me some ear weights...(my lobes are 11/16/have holes that about 17mm round.)