03 August 2009

Finally a Reprieve

. . . and the rain is gone.

Despite all my griping yesterday, the land really does look lush.
Things are the greenest they have been this summer,
and the normally sandy ground is moist and dark.

I DO feel a girl has the right to gripe,
. . . but, I'm over it.
Out with the rain and in with the rings!
Farm fresh and as saturated as the soil.

Labradorite, Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia

* * * * *

Porcelain Jasper, Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia

* * * * *

Imperial Jasper, Sterling Silver

* * * * *

I would also like to thank Lola for featuring my Ascension Necklace today on her blog.
That was a lovely surprise this morning!
Be sure and check out both her blog and her amazing Etsy shop.

Meanwhile, I'm off to list the above morsels in my own Etsy store.
They will be listed in a scattered and unpredictable order throughout the evening.

Hope you all are having a lovely Monday!
{{Did I mention it's sunny here?}}

: )


  1. Beautiful pieces that were hiding behind clouds... thank you SUN!

  2. Omg, those are gorgeous- the first one, especially. You are amazing!

  3. MLJ: No kidding! I think I am definitely one of those people who is affected by sunlight! Hope all is sunny with you.

    Ponder: I'll trade ya one for some vintage glasses!! : )

  4. I love the sunny days too.
    Summer is too short.
    I want the bottom one, like crazy.
    Those are all so beautiful.
    You really do stunning work!
    I have got to save up some cash
    and do some etsy shopping. xoxo

  5. Such a gorgeous collection: you astound, as always :)

  6. Dee: Thanks so much for the kind comments you leave; they always make my day. We have to find a time to meet half way between our two towns one day and have a long lunch! Maybe one Wild Wednesday!

    Allison: Compliments from you always get me a bit choked up. As did your stunning singing on your blog the other day. Keith and I listened to it at least three times! Honestly, it must be a sin to be so talented in so many ways . . .

  7. If I had to wait through the rain to see that first ring, so be it!

    It is totally blowing my mind.

    I am buying you a grow light so you can have sun all the time and can post these every five minutes.

  8. So funny.. i think our weather has switched.. it is finally a tad cooler here now that some clouds have rolled in. ;)

    All your pieces are gorgeous... love how you have been photographing them!

  9. Kate: Heeehee! Thanks. You're good for a girl's ego.

    Cabin: Glad to hear it after your sweat shop post! Totally felt you on that one!

  10. Hahah, Rosy- that would be a LOT of vintage glasses! I could never come up with enough, haha... (but mark my words, I WILL own a ring from you one day!)

  11. I just found you! Those rings are so beautiful. I love how chunky they are. Keep it up!