02 August 2009

Hours, Odds, Ends, Rain.

I am so sick of the rain.
Lovely in light and moderate increments,
but nearly two weeks of it everyday is enough already.
A girl needs some sunshine.

The energy around here is about as low as the light,
Everything seems quiet and subdued.
A silent sort of Sunday.
Even the baby is napping longer than usual.

I have lost count of how many times we've lost power.
And a damaged water main left us dry for a good part of the weekend.
All wet outside and not a drop inside.
{{Not my idea of funny.}}

During spells of electric oomph,
I've been editing images to upload into the new destash store.
For the most part, the studio has been too dark, hot, and humid to work in,
so jewelry I had hoped to post today will have to wait another day for completion.

I'm moving at a snail's pace in the cloud-stilted sunlight.

I hate feeling slow . . . my office even looks slow.
Seeing a clean desk reminds me that I'm not working enough.
I shouldn't be able to see the surface for all of the wrapping materials and sketches.

Summertime in the south can be a lovely thing.
All sweet tea and sangria.

But at other times, it's just oppressive.
Like the weight of the world is in the air,
and the thunder never hushes,
and the breeze won't blow.

It feels like a never ending dusk.
Eternal twilight.

I am so sick of the rain.


  1. Just stumbled on your blog and your shop the other day--what wonderful work. I especially loved the "Trifle Ring" and am looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

  2. Me too! Sick, sick, sick of it! Our poor pool is feeling neglected, and I love being outside.
    Not happening with all this rain business!
    Rain, rain, go AWAY!

  3. Sounds like a perfect time to drop all the work and fly off to some deserted, sunny beach in the Caribbean and collect seashells! (which, knowing you, will be your next inspiration!!)

  4. it's raining and thundering here right now as I type this. I'm quite ecstatic though as I've been waiting for a good storm for a while now.
    I'd gladly take a week of rain off your hands :)

  5. I too spent a great deal of time hating rain when I lived in the south, days and days of pouring rain, not drizzling, but then I caved in...I had to start loving it. I feel your sentiments all too well.

    Come out SUN!

  6. Sounds like vacation time to me ! You are get a whole lot more rain than I am over here...weird!