19 August 2009

Past Pause and Pressing Play

Does it feel like my blog and work have been on "pause?"

It's been a bit slow around here with Mason being home all week.
Not much time to get studio work done!

But I do promise to have some new work up tomorrow.

This week has brought a random assortment of . . . news.
The Rotavirus.
(Hence Mason's being home.)
The in-laws decided last year to relocate south from upstate New York.
They have arrived and are moving in to their new home, about ten minutes away, even as I type this.
The air conditioner, now fixed, had broken over the weekend.
Yesterday was our first full day with a house whose temperature was below 88 degrees.
(Not a good combination with Rotavirus.)

Mason will be returning to his friends in daycare tomorrow or Friday,
the cool air is flowing,
and life will resume it's normal pace once again in the next 12 hours or so.
Life with the Keith's folks about ten minutes away!
No, seriously, they are actually some of the best in-laws a girl could ask for.
I've got it good.

Pressing play now and resuming with the routine.


  1. Yay! Glad to hear you will be back on track. :)

  2. Sounds like its been a rough go. Here's to better days with healthy children and in-laws close enough to babysit! Take care.

  3. hope that kiddo feels better soon! The beauty of being self employed :not having to call in sick when you your child isn't feeling well :)

  4. Mason...ill or well is just the cutest...even with diaper rash lol! Glad to hear he's better and things are getting sorted out. The inlaws close by will be a blessing! Life is good Jess!

  5. I hear ya on all counts! Seems like anything and everything has kept me from creating as of late! Things are looking up though - for both of us!

  6. Wishing you the best now with the little cutie pie! So relating. xo

  7. ...not relating at all with the sick childrens BUT I did have to take a weenie dog to the vet a couple of weeks ago after she jumped off a cliff whilst I was on a climbing trip AND someone stole my cat. It took a while to track him down. When it comes down to it, there's always something lurking around that will botch up the routine the first chance it gets. We've got broad wings so we can rise above it all. XO

  8. Wow...you had quite a list! I was holding my breath that you would not mention some dreadful storm. In-laws nearby should really really help. Whatever Rotavirus is, it sounds like a bad virus. Glad everything is back on track.

    Miss Plume, how distressing that someone would snatch Pinkerton. Whew! Glad he is back too.

    Take care JJ.