20 August 2009


Don't be alarmed. These are still in the raw phase.
Unfinished, dirty, rough edges, white from soaking in acid.
(My jewelry starts out really ugly doesn't it??)

I have a question for you!!!
I told you I was going to have a necklace and three rings posted next.
But I'm torn now as which settings to turn into what . . .

This was going to be a ring.
Should it be a pendant?

I know most of you who stop by are artists and designers in your own media,
so help a girl out and give me your honest point of view.
I don't promise to follow your advice.
But I'm certainly interested in hearing what you think.

The reason I was thinking of turning the above into a necklace
(rather than keeping it as a ring,)

. . . is because THIS was supposed to be the necklace . . .
but now I'm wondering if it wouldn't make a better ring?
(Seems like I should offer more than just rings.)

Not to offend any of you . . .
But let's be honest.
We women get mad sometimes.
It's all we can do not to flip others the bird.

The reason I bring this up, is because I was messing around with this little lady,
and to me, she already looks like an adorned finger.
Perhaps . . . THE finger*.
The sweetest looking, sassiest way you ever let anyone know
precisely what you were thinking about them the moment they cut you off in traffic.

The jewelry equivalent of The Bird.

You could just prop your chin up on your hand and silently feel much better
while looking innocently fabulous to those around you.


Too crude?
Too stupid?
Maybe I've just been away from the bench too long?!?

: )

* Although I do freely admit to not always being a lady, uttering the occasional curse word,
ranting, raving, complaining, and just being generally hormonal at times,
I do not actually encourage Bird activity of this sort.


  1. LOL...flipping the bird like a Lady!!! I LOVE it. You should call it The Bird...love the idea of that being a ring. I agree with you. The other will make a beautiful pendant...you do such great work girl...can't wait to get a piece myself...soon!

  2. i think it should be THE Bird Ring. i mean, it made me smile....so sly and sassy. i like your style, lady! more stunning work jess!

  3. Not too crude at all, I do wonder about the length though as far as comfort goes. I'm curious to see what some of the more experienced metalsmiths have to say (I've only every made four rings, so I'm probably not ready to give advise just yet). The setting and the sentiment are both clever - can't wait to see what you decide to do with it!

  4. Shooting the bird on the interwebs my dear :) Looooove it! My 2 cents is the bird should be a ring & I'd love the first as either a necklace or a ring!

  5. Cat and Sarah: Thank you!! You guys always make me smile.

    Susie: EXACTLY. You're right about the comfort factor. I had thought the same thing. Most of my larger rings sit horizontally for this very reason; I hate the feeling of metal pressing up against my knuckles. It's restrictive. I was thinking maybe placing the band at a far end so it sits almost down across the back of the hand more so than up near the middle finger joints? But then it wouldn't really have that "bird" effect, would it? Hmmm.

    GGS: I know; I am so in love with the first one as a ring too . . . maybe I should just give up and only make rings . . . I love pendants but always get bored by the chain. I'm neurotic, I know.

  6. I am utterly offended.
    How dare you even speak of giving someone the
    Good girls like me get a bad reputation by hanging
    out with riff raff like you.

    I need this ring. Desperately.

  7. Gurl, you know they will be awesome either way.. I'm thinking pendant for the first one.. you know I LOVE your rings(one on today) but not everyone is a ring girl you know?? The shape of the first one lends itself to the neck, I think.

    But what do I know??

  8. hee hee... please make that second one a ring.. that would be so awesome.. the lad bird ring.. hee hee. And i agree, i think the first one as a necklace. ;)

  9. I so need a birdy ring. I may have been known to express my opinion in the past without regard to standards mores, but a ring like this would have the gesture so much more classy.

    The first piece would be great either as a ring or pendant, but I think I like it as a pendant.


  10. I was STILL thinking about your lovely "Bird" ring this morning and this name came to me...The Lady Bird Ring....or The Bird Lady Ring...though I think the first one is more in context with the behind the scenes meaning!
    Can't wait to see the finished product!
    Heres to humorous creativity!!

  11. Hey girl! I have to say...I really prefer the first one as the ring....and the long one as the pendant. Although, I love the humor of "the bird" theme, and I do love me some big rings!!
    "Go Big or Go Home"! My jewelry mantra.........
    Love ya!

  12. Still working on it . . . thanks for the input everyone!

  13. I say two rings and a roadtrip to find some magical chain that inspires your amazing brain - I'll be so excited to see how gorgeous these turn out to be :)