23 August 2009

Success and Failure

Ah, well.
There were some happy endings.
And one sad.

I'll bring the good stuff to the table first.

LaceMaker Earrings
(sterling silver, mocha moonstone)

* * * * *

Submerge Your Sorrows Necklace
(Sterling Silver, Spiderweb Variscite)

* * * * *

SweetTreat Ring
(Dryhead Agate, Sterling Silver, Garnet, Cubic Zirconia)

* * * * *

Epitome of Me Necklace
(Owyhee Picture Jasper, Sterling Silver)

* * * * *

The LadyBird, as she was dubbed . . .
she didn't make it.

She is in ring form, setting solid and complete.
But the stone cracked during the setting process.
I have never cracked a stone before.
I guess there had to be a first time.

She will be one I keep for me as a reminder to be more careful.
A tangible lesson to NOT set stones when sleepy.
With shaky caffeinated hands.

I'll share pictures with you at some point.
Right now I'm so sad about the stone I can't even look anymore.

So let's focus on the positive and take this as a lesson learned . . .
and I am actually going to look into having a stone custom cut to fit her setting.
I can pop out the cracked stone and replace it one day.

Meanwhile . . .
the above items will be in the Etsy shop throughout the day today.

Hope you all are have a lovely and restful weekend!


  1. Oh, isn't it just awful when something gets ruined at the last minute like that?!! I ruined a purse I made last week :(. I still have it sitting here and it's lovely minus a mishap with the snap. UGH. It cannot be fixed. Of course it is nothing as expensive as ruining a stone so I am sorry about that! But I did feel like I was going to be sick when I realized what I had done could not be fixed. :(

  2. Don't feel bad about the broken stone something beautiful will emerge. These latest creations are exquisite!

  3. O-W-E-H-E-E-EEEEEEEEE...... (set to the vocalization of Stellaaaaaa)! It is my new most coveted stone. Wow. I love it. Sadly, I broke the bank on a shiny new blue cruiser. Someone else will snap up that beauty.

    And I am sorry about the stone. That's what makes you an artist... You carry on. I cannot bear it when something doesn't work out. I would quit before I even began.

    loving your new work

  4. I would say this is all about success, a lot of beauty, a lot of work, a lot of detail, a lot of dedication...where did failure come from?


  5. I just love all of the fancy "lace" work, like garland at a party and ribbons adorning gifts. I cracked the very first stone I ever set - and I still get that queasy feeling in my tummy when I'm applying that necessary pressure. Iknow its of little consolation, but the setting looked beautiful, and I know it would have been a knock out. Take care.

  6. Ponder: So glad to know this has happened to someone else, though I'm so sorry you went through it too! It doesn't matter the cost of the materials; if you love it and put your heart into it, and at the last moment, SNAP . . . well that just sucks, period!! We should get together, drink chai, and cheer one another up!! : )

    Sandy and Corinna: Thank you two ladies! Congrats on the new ride, Corinna!!! That's got to have you flying high!

    MLJ: As always, good perspective. I am feeling much better now and will be just fine tomorrow. And hopefully I'll eventually be able to get a new stone to replace the cracked one. It was a good lesson for me to learn. The hard way!! : ) xoxoxo

  7. Oh Rosy...that is truly a sad sad story...BUT...there is ALWAYS a silver lining AND honestly look at the rest of your creations!!!! The ring...the earrings...the necklaces...exquisite! I look forward to the resurrection of The Lady Bird...whatever that turns out be. I know you will do her justice.

  8. Susie: Thanks. I think we were writing comments at the same time as I didn't see yours when I was responding to the others. I know what you mean; I think I'll be a bit gun-shy with the stones for a bit now! : )

    Cat: You are so sweet. Thanks so much!! I am smiling right now while writing this.

  9. I am in total, utter awe of your talent...my,my..These are so perfect in every way! Don't feel sad about the one stone that didn't make it...The ones that did are sooooooo gorgeous!!!

  10. I feel your pain.
    Been there done that.
    'Nuff said.

    Though, I see joy in the pieces that successfully came into being.


  11. I'm so sorry the stone cracked..maybe you can find someone who can custom cut a stone to fit the setting. Your other pieces are just gorgeous & I love the clasps you made for them.