28 August 2009


Actually, I have no idea how you spell "ta-da."
So forgive me, magicians, if this is wrong.

And in re-reading my blog post from this morning,
I definitely did say "coNonut."
Apparently had not downed enough caffeine yet.
: )


Ring Around the Rosy Ring- Agate with White Topaz.
Two LaceMaker Rings- Peridot and Pink Tourmaline.
Summer Shade Ring- Turquoise and Peridot
Sojourn Ring- Red Creek Jasper, Garnet, Cubic Zirconia

Two custom orders and three free-for-alls.
This is the only picture.
We are once again having a lovely wash of rain and thunder.
No natural light means lousy photos, so this is the only one you'll see this evening.

Tomorrow, with the blessing of sunshine, there will be lots more to view.
And work will go in the Etsy Shop then.
Hey, blame it on the weather!! I was ready!

Now then.
Off to enjoy movie night with my boys.
Lots of love and a happy Friday to each of you!
And for those of you lovely ladies who have not had Chai . . .
bless your hearts.
I suggest you make it a mandatory part of your weekend.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Love the stones, but the lacemaker rings are both so simple and fancy at the same time (does that make sense?)-beautifully intricate, but I could see wearing them every day with just about everything. Have a good weekend!
    p.s. totally going to try cononut with my chai this weekend.

  2. Dude, did you just totally call me out?!
    I have been dissed over the chai!!
    Yes, I will try it, I promise.
    I will also document it with pictures!

  3. ...as one of my older posts attests...sometimes a girl's just gotta chai!!!
    and this time of year...make it iced...it's as delicious as these Rosy rings!

  4. I will do tea but no chai...no chai ever! Enjoy movie night...I wish I were doing the same...

  5. yummmm....
    (for the jewels, and MAYBE the tea)