07 August 2009

This is We

The tag from yesterday got me thinking again about who I am . . .
And how I got here.
"Here" being, with him.
And who is He, for that matter?
I thought I'd share us both with you . . .

* * * * *

How does something as sweet as this

. . . grow into something as striking as this?

I fell for a Yankee, though I never thought I would.
It was the heavy brow,
and the dimple,
and the strong jaw,
and the freckles on the lower lip . . .
a target for my kisses.

I was finishing college.
He had graduated from elsewhere and moved into town.

. . . we fell.

There was a nighttime wedding . . .

The North and the South danced together all night.

And there was a baby . . .
The South slept very little for a long time.

Nearly three years in, and
We are a team.
A family.
We are happy.
We are We.

And as for Me:

1.) I read my magazines and catalogues back to front.

2.) I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

3.) I am afraid of clowns, school mascots, soft-boiled eggs, and dying.

4.) My father is a radio DJ; my first job was to call in to his show on Friday mornings and tell a joke for a quarter. I was four years old. What's a baby chick's favorite game? Peck-a-boo.

5.) Today, my favorite shoes are a pair of Frye studded wedge sandals. In sixth grade, it was a pair of hot pink Reebok high-tops with Velcro straps, embellished with black marker and topped off with lime green scrunch socks. Wow.

6.) For years I thought that Hawaii was off the coast of Florida, and that the South had won the Civil War.

7.) My family and friends still tease me mercilessly for both parts of number six . . . okay, and number five.

8.) I have a slight scar over my left eye from a gun accident . . . I suggest not putting your face too close to the scope when shooting a rifle. They kick.

9.) Nobody on this earth loves Eddie Izzard or Oreos like I do. Nobody. And together, even better.

10.) I'm actually pretty shy. The only reason I can blog is because I can't see you.

{One day I'll tell you more about Him.}

sweet dreams all,

{{Still working on jewelry to post for you tomorrow night.}}


  1. So glad to hear all about you!
    Shotguns kick too. Ouch, my friggin' shoulder!

    I myself, am a Yankee that married a Southerner.
    At work, they all called me "The Yankee Rose". (please see Van Halen.)
    I only have one thing to say to you,
    "Get over it, you LOST!!" hahaha.
    I used to see those stickers everywhere when I
    lived at home..
    NOW I am surronded by the opposite and confederate flags!
    I sure do love my husband!!! hahaha.

    Oh, and I want a pic of you in those Reeboks.

  2. You have the most beautiful family Jess. I love all the photos which show so much love. Thank you for sharing such private moments and thoughts with us. You are very blessed. Sandy xo

  3. This is so beautiful!!! Yay love and holy gorgeous wedding, batman!

  4. Oh, you are so, so lovely. I was so happy to read these things, and comforted to know I'm not the only full grown adult left still afraid to death of clowns. I saw one driving in the lane next to mine recently and almost lost it. And a nighttime wedding?!! Brilliant, to say the least. Oh, and I didn't have the same shoes and scrunch socks, but was jealous of everyone who did. They were the coolest and I would've done anything for some of my own. ;)

  5. What a lovely post, and what a beautiful picture you three make, and I laugh at #6 too. But do change your mind about soft-boiled eggs...they are so yummy with toast.


    Your Yankee has a very familiar look, do people tell him that?

  6. I love a good story - yours is written and illustrated beautifully. Happiness abounds in a home where love resides. Enjoy your weekend.
    P.S. Oh, those stones from yesterday! Can't wait to see how they end up.

  7. how fun to get to actually SEE YOUR FACE! :) thank you for the peek into who you are :) (and I agree, BEAUTIFUL WEDDING!!!)

  8. ...YOU...are the most beautiful WE...ever...

    & les boys...oui, oui cherie...oui, oui...