21 September 2009

Morsel Monday: Issue 9


So I survived!

It was a relatively slow show . . .
predictions of rain and the local Greek Festival had people making other plans.

But it was still a lovely time.

I went for a red theme in my booth, hoping the colors would draw people in.
For all the work I'd done the past couple weeks, the shelves still looked terribly empty!

My favorite chair, some houseplants, a sisal rug,
and one of my dresses helped cozy up the bareness of the space.
Or so I hoped!

The crowds really weren't there.
I spent a lot of time peeking out from behind my curtains
at the booths across the way.
Last year, the crowd was such that I couldn't have seen the vendors across from me.
A sign of the times, I suppose.

Most patrons that did pop by were incredibly kind.
Many seemed to enjoy my work.
But even more seemed to want my displays.
My dress could have sold 5o times over.
One lady even got angry that it wasn't for sale.
I finally had had enough, and pinned a sign to it.
(That sign and photo is on Facebook, but I took it with my Blackberry,
and I'm told that the picture is too small to make out the words on the note.)

The note read:

"This dress was handmade by a blind, one-armed, two-year-old monkey.
In the dark. Underwater. It costs $2,000.

However, all of the jewerly in the booth was handmade by ME,
and it costs significantly less.


. . . I think I made my point.
And I wasn't rude . . . I did leave bubblegum out for everyone.

I told them the gum was free with a $200 purchase . . .
they didn't go for it!

Still, I met some incredible people, made a solid handful of sales,
and pushed myself to new limits in terms of my craft and production.

All in all, I'm a happy lady today.

I'll be reopening the Etsy store this evening,
and posting the leftovers tonight and throughout the week.

Other than that, I'll be catching up on some sleep and letting my hands heal!
I cannot wait to get back to my pleasures around the house,
the yard, reading and catching up on all the blogs I normally follow,
and cooking something elaborate and fattening for my two boys.

No recipe today, folks, I'm still catching up from so much missed time around the homestead.
Thank you all so much again for the support and enthusiasm.

Have a lovely rest of your Monday!



  1. Well, the dress IS lovely- but I wouldn't even have thought it was for sale. It's obviously a display! And to get angry about it is just ridiculous. I think your booth looked lovely. The red was a good idea!

  2. Nice booth and nice dress, and very creative sign..ha ha!
    It does appear to have been a quiet one but I am glad that you are pleased, happy, and ready to enjoy many other things. Good going JJ!

    : )

  3. Oh wow JJ! Your new work is incredible!! Half of me is wondering how the heck it all didn't sell, and half of me is giddy with anticipation for what will turn up in the Etsy shop. Congratulations on your frenzy of glorious production!

  4. It was so nice to meet you & your pieces in person, jj. Your jewelry is just lovely, but that's understandable as it is a reflection of you. Last weekend was the Blues Fest, then this weekend with the Greek Fest, made for a difficult weekend I'm sure, but there are plenty of other people out there that want to snag some of your gorgeous pieces.

    Take some time & heal yourself. Poor thing, just a bunch of bruises, blisters, poke holes & burns. Get some rest & enjoy the fresh air.



  5. OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE the note you put on the dress...made me lol that is for sure...you cheeky little southen belle you!!! I guess that just goes along with "The Lady Bird" eh???? Too bad she didn't make it to the show, sounds like you could of used her.
    Hope you enjoyed the poem I sent you...enjoy today.
    I'll be by again soon....
    love and Light

  6. ...HAHAHA...lOvE the note...sooOOOoo funny...sassy sense of humor...HA

    well...their loss is OUR gain...promise to include a piece of bubble gum with my purchase...?

  7. Your display looked absolutely LOVELY!! I love the red!! It's so dramatic and rich just like your jewellery!

    And I LOVED that note you put on the dress!! HILARIOUS!!! hahahah!