18 September 2009


I'm rapidly running out of time;
but I wanted to photograph a few things to share with you before tomorrow.
These are all still unfinished.
The stones are just resting in the bezels, but have not yet been "set."

I shall spend my evening sipping wine and setting.
(And, hey, all the stones fit perfectly!! No cracked lovelies THIS time around!)

Thank you all so much for the well-wishings.
I'll take lots of pictures at the show and make that the Monday Morsels post next week.

The Etsy store will be closed this weekend, but will reopen Monday.
I'll be posting new work that didn't sell at Centerfest all throughout the week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

with a full heart and sleepy fingers,


  1. ...the PHOTOs are works of ART...& your jewels just
    ~~~how fortunate & wise is the lady that buys~~~~

  2. So gorgeous!! Good luck at the show!

  3. WOW!! Enjoy the show- everything looks amazing

  4. jess- you truly out did yourself. wonderful, wonderful job. your pieces are STUNNING! you are going to knock those small-jewel lovin' womens' socks right off! :)
    (as much as i hope you sell it all, i equally hope you do not!!!)

  5. Your creations are absolutely amazing!!! Why oh why can't I be at your show???!!! Right......because I live thousands of miles away in Canada!!! Good luck JJ and remember us, your adoring patrons scattered around the globe!!! What you don't sell at the show will hopefully make it into our adoring hands :)

  6. Oh wow....there are no words to describe how beautiful they are.

    Good luck with the show!

  7. OH ME -- OH MY -- GOODNESS ME!!! I just fell in love like 11 times over (that's how many rings I've counted!)!! AMAZING JJ!! Good luck!!! (But honestly I hope some are left over for moi!!) ;)

  8. Knock 'em dead Sister! You've taken my breath away.

  9. I'm floored--you are an amazing talent and I can't wait to see more photos of the pieces the ladies down there don't scoop up!

  10. I love the way you frame large and unusual shapes and colors with other unique smaller shapes to create new designs that make the center just pop and yet not detract from the frame. It's a miracle! How do you do that, JJ?!!! I really respect your talent. I am in awe of it, and it always brings me in touch with the Holy Spirit somehow; thank you with all my heart!

  11. I ditto everyone's sentiments...these are festive gorgeous little pieces...How can one wear these and be able to focus on anything around them? Good luck JJ!

  12. JJ, I'll see you before you see this, but I'm looking forward to seeing your pieces in person. I'll see your rings in a couple of hours........oh, & you too!!


  13. JJ,

    I sincerely hope you give yourself the proper amount of congratulations: what you have created is a FEAT, do you hear me? A coup!!! You rose to a fantastic challenge and now you know you're going to have the fantastically fashionable ladies of Etsy in a lather until they can get their hands on your lucky charms - I am so excited for you and so in awe of your tremendous work.
    Kudos, wine toasts and total adoration.

  14. Your works are wondrous! Hope there are a few left for listing tomorrow. I'm enthused, enthralled and enchanted.