22 September 2009

Roses are Red, and This One's for You . . .

It's GiveAway Time,

((I should be published, no?))

* * * * *

Rioja Alta Necklace
A Sip-Sized Trinket to Savor

Located on the western edge of Spain's Rioja wine region,
and at a higher elevation than other parts of the region,
the Rioja Alta is known more for its "old world" style of wine.
Here, a higher elevation equates to a shorter growing season,
which in turn produces unripe fruit flavors and a wine that is lighter on the palate.
(thank you Wikipedia)

This delicate, wine-hued pendant features a small frame of tea roses,
surrounding a glossy mound of garnet and gold colored Pietersite.

A heavy wash of patina and matte finish lend warmth and a weathered appearance.

Solid sterling setting, dapped chain and handmade clasp.
Adjustable from 17-20 inches in length.

You want to wear it?
Here's what you'll need to do.

1. Leave me a comment on this post,
telling me what your favorite piece of jewelry is and why.
Could be the friendship bracelet your best friend knotted for you in third grade,
or your wedding ring, or that bubblegum pendant from the quarter machine.
That great vintage find, or the one you had custom made.
Whatever it is, let me know. Jewelry is highly sentimental; why does it matter to you?
(Value: 1 Entry)

2. Put a link and comment on your own blog about this GiveAway,
and leave me a comment here so I know you did so.
Don't forget to include a link here to your own blog.
(Value: 1 Entry)

3. Post a Facebook comment regarding this GiveAway,
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5. Become a fan of Rosy Revolver on Facebook,
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(Value: 1 Entry)

You have 5 total possible ways to enter this GiveAway.
Enter via one, two, or all five!

Entries will be accepted up until 6pm EST on Wednesday, September 30th.
The winner will be announced October 1st.

And who knows . . . there just might be something extra in it for you.


  1. I just tweeted about your giveaway!! You're very sweet to do a giveaway for us.


  2. My favorite piece of jewelry...hm. That changes a bit over time, but right now, I'd have to go with a wire-wrap piece from Wyrding Studios. It's got a key, a typewriter key, and some crystal in it, and it's based on a beautiful short story by Shira Lipkin.

    I became a fan on Facebook today, and I just tweeted about the giveaway as well. (Can you tell that I'm swooning over that necklace?)

  3. Hey Rosy:

    I mentioned your giveaway in my blog at indigorhino1.blogspot.com (Entry #1), and I joined your Facebook page (as Robert Hounchell; sorry about that...still working out some kinks on my computer; Entry #2).

    Here's Entry #3 - the story about my favorite piece of jewelry: I'd never been a fan of turquoise until this particular turquoise and rustic silver necklace made its way to my door. It reminds me of the Old West with an avant garde twist. In short, it's gorgeous and elegant and simple. I LOVE it!

  4. I just joined your facebook fan page the other day :) I don't have alot of jewellery but my most special (although I don't wear it anymore as it's a bit dated) is a delicate crystal necklace that my mum brought me and gave me on the day of my wedding as a surprise and it suited my dress perfectly.

  5. Hi, JJ. I am going to post your give away in my blog after writing this comment.

    That necklace is BEAUTIFUL. You make such elegant and intricate designs that appeal to me.

    My favorite type of jewelry is RINGS. I cannot be without a ring on one of my fingers somewhere. I do not feel complete unless I can see them all the time. I love all my rings, but maybe I love my wedding band the best. It looks simple but was custom made in Japan. It is 18K rose gold which gives it a warm glow, and it looks like a narrow straight band. However, the band shape is like an ONION in crosssection -- round inside the band and with a pointed top around the outside of the ring. It is so comfortable, so I can still wear it while I practice hot yoga. The ring is already a part of me, although I have had it a short time.

    I believe jewelry gives an essential element of feeling to me. It purely gives me joy, and I feel pretty with it. Whenever I look at a piece of jewelry I wear, it makes me smile and increases love as it carries my thoughts and feelings to fantastic places. I do indeed like how I feel with the jewelry, and the places my musings can go.

  6. Hiya, JJ!! My two favorite pieces are the ones I blogged about here:


    You know how I love tiny things, and these particular tiny things just scream ME!

    I'm going to blog about this giveaway tomorrow...I'll let you know when I do!


  7. This is a long one but boy is it every well worth it. Even the description is scrumptuous!


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  9. Hi! I just became a fan of Rosy Revolver on Facebook.

    For the fun of it, my favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. My husband designed it completely (he even painstakingly drew pictures exactly to scale) and took it to a jeweler to have it made. I still have the drawings locked up in our fireproof safe.

  10. Sorry about the delete - what I said was:

    Ohhh, wow. I ADORE your jewelry. Sooo, umm, ,y favorite piece of jewelry. Hmmm, I guess probably a pair of earrings that I don't have anymore. :( They were hammered sterling and I just loved the texture an the patina, and they just got better with time. I miss them.

    (then I went on to say something about following your blog, but that wasn't an option so I deleted it!)

    Will fan you on facebook for sure. :)


  11. My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. Hubby designed it himself! A close runner up is a pair of stud earrings that my mother's mother gave her when she got married and that were later passed down to me.

  12. I just tweeted about your yummy giveaway!

  13. My favorite piece of jewelry if my late grandmothers monogrammed sterling cuff. It reminds me of her & playing in her jewelry when I was little.

  14. oh jess...what a GREAT giveaway treat :)

    let's see...i am now "officially" a rosy revolver fan on facebook and have mentioned your giveaway on my blog (http://reconstructingsarah.blogspot.com/) - however, very few people frequent my blog, but i gave you the shout out just in case, haha!

    ALSO- my three favorite pieces of jewelry are as follows: my wedding band (obviously) b/c i love him, and the ring has become a part of me. also, my grandmother's engagement ring...b/c i love her, and its antique style is absolutely wonderful. and, three, a pendant i have with my best friend's thumbprint on it. he passed away 4 yrs ago this coming sunday. so, it's pretty special.

    i think that's 3 entries? :)

  15. My favorite piece of jewelry is my very thin, simple gold wedding band inscribed with my late husband's name in Greek letters. We purchased this ring on the island of Crete where we were married and together for 40 years. This ring never leaves my hand and is a constant reminder of the love we shared.

  16. My favorite piece of jewelry is a gold pinky ring that my Grandmother had made from a pair of my Grandfather's cuff links after he passed away. One went to my Mother and one went to my Aunt. I lusted after these rings for as long as I can remember. When my Aunt passed away I got hers. I didn't think about it until just now, but when my Mom passes my daughter will get the other.

  17. Oh Lord of the Dance!!!
    That is something to behold :)

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring of sterling leaves I was lucky enough to receive when I was 10 for missing NO days of school that year. It was 60 dollars at an arts festival and I actually rarely wear it, but it's never far from my mind and it holds my childhood in its metal branches.

    I will blog about you tomorrow, dearest wonder.


  18. Hi Dear JJ,
    oh, what for a wonderfuuuul necklace from you...

    My favorite piece of my jewelry is from my son. It is a freshwater bracelet. He has only a little bit money and buying this bracelet for me. It was so sweet and unforgetable.

    Greetings from Britta

  19. i just tweeted about your exiting giveaway... good luck to everyone but the truth is i hope the winner is me...fingers crossed...

    my blog is www.muddylotusdesigns.blogspot.com and my name is erin...

  20. LOVE this idea. I bought one of your necklaces two years ago and wear it all the time and have passed on your information to many admiring new fans of yours.

    But-have to say that my favorite piece of jewelry is a locket-not even certain where I got it, but it now holds my daughter's baby picture. I now have a job that requires travel, sometimes international, and I wear it at all times when I'm away from her. The locket itself is plain and not so special looking....so sometimes another necklace goes with it, but it is invaluable to me and I touch it often when I'm gone and missing her.

  21. Wow - beautiful beautiful work!

    I can't name a favorite - all my babies are my favorites! :)

    I tweeted - love your blog!

  22. So, I don't look like I'm brown nosing I won't say the ring you made, but it is probably a tie!

    Currently, my favorite piece of jewelry is a cameo set that was my Grandma's. I'm just starting to wear it since I've been afraid something would happen to it, but I know she'd want me to enjoy it.

    I'm putting this on my FB, too!

  23. Thanks for the beautiful giveaway! I'm a fan of Rosie Revolver on Facebook and I will put a comment about the giveaway on FB too!

    Probably my current favorite pieces of jewelry (besides my engagement ring of course) are my Jessi Taylor Mangles (bangles designed for men or women) http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26604241. I love the cute dots stamped on them and the hook and eye clasp. They are so comfy and cute. :)

  24. Gasp! That is beautiful! I just went and tweeted about it here:

    And I will most likely be back to enter again!!!

    Thanks for your comments on my wedding post, JJ--I'm so glad you liked it!

    take care,

  25. Hi JJ,

    Your work never ceases to amaze me!

    My favourite piece of jewelry is the charm bracelet that one of my friends made me. Each charm represents an activity that we did together. :)


  26. I wasn't expecting nearly so many responses, let alone so soon! These were amazing to read. I live in an area where most women "love" their jewelry because it "matches my sweater" or "is from Chico's." Your comments really made my morning. So good to see women who really still love their jewelry for the same reasons why it was first created . . . personal expression, symbolism, love, etc. Keep them coming!!

  27. Okay, so I want to win, I want to win!! I think my favorite jewellery is the jewellery made by my favorite artist (you), I purhase jewellery by what appeals to me, moves me....
    So I have posted a comment in my blog http://kkreates.blogspot.com/, I became a fan (can you go to my facebook thru my fan connection????)because I left a comment there, 1,2,3 and 4, Pheweeeeee!!!! Now I have to figure out tweeter and post something there.
    P.S. Love the ocean jasper ring as well!!!!

  28. thanks for doing a giveaway! my newest favorite piece of jewelry (!) is the domino necklace in a circular silver band setting, got it from you at the Handmaiden's Market in Raleigh. I also very much love a chunky silver ring with 4 colorful stones that I got in Mauritius a couple of years ago.

  29. Gorgeous necklace, Jess!

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a sterling silver chain with 3 single pearls. The pearls were part of a necklace that belonged to my great grandmother. It was passed along to my grandmother, then when she died, to my mother. Before my mom died, she took the necklace apart and divided the pearls among me and my sisters in law. She gave my necklace to me on my wedding day. :)

    I've tweeted on all 4 of my accounts (@getmoreleases, @aptconnection, @aptnewsletters, @planmymove), I've blogged on my 2 blogs (www.talkofthetriangle.blogspot.com, www.triangleapartmentconnection.blogspot.com) & posted to my FB. I want this to be a success for you! What a neat idea!


  30. My fave & most sentimental piece of jewellery, besides my wedding & engagement rings, is my daughter's pride ring that I got from my parents when I graduated high school...they designed it specifically for me so it's a one of a kind :)

    I also became a fan of Rosy Revolver on facebook, actually awhile back. Hope it still counts! ;)

    Beautiful necklace for the giveaway!!! WOWWW!!
    I LOVE those roses!!!!

  31. Hi! I discovered your page thru Beth Snyder. You have beautiful jewelry! I became a fan of Rosy Revolver on Facebook (entry 1). My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring that I "borrowed" from my mother. I love wearing rings, but I have very small fingers so it's hard for me to find comfortable stylish rings that fit me. My mom always wore a torquise and silver ring on her hand. I always admired it because it was simple, beautiful, and sentimental to her. She had gotten the ring st a roadside Indian shop while on a road trip with her family. She was about 9 years old. One day when I was around 14 my mom had taken off her rings to do something (probably dishes!). I loved trying on her jewelry. So I put a silver and torquise ring of hers on my 4th finger. I never thought it would fit, but to my suprise it fit almost perfectly. I have been wearing it ever since and I am now 29 years old. I will always cherish this ring and hope to pass it on to a daughter or niece someday. (entry 2)

  32. HI there,

    Well, I did my blog post today, and I thought about my favorite jewelry. Nowadays I have too many to list but childhood favorites would have been what my mom wore, a plain strand of pearls and a simple elegant divine Italian chain that my dad had bought her. It was lovely.
    Now to facebook but I will not tweet, I have decided to stay away from tweeting my dear JJ.

    Have a lovely day!


  33. I fanned you on Facebook! I love your work. My favorite piece of jewelry is a bracelet a good friend of mine made. It is all tiny seed beads sewn in a tube, I could never make it so I marvel at her patience and skill. It also looks like candy!

  34. LOVE AT ALLL THE POSTS!!!!! This is awesome!
    Okay this is entry #1 for me...my Favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring. I am not a jewelry store girl...looking for the unique, thus my love for your jewelry. My husband,boyfriend at the time, and I were in the city for the night. I, OF COURSE was checking the local venders out and saw "the ring"...yes at a vender's table....I put it on and a tingling sensation went all throughout my body and I just knew it was the one....we had been loosely talking marriage...i turned to him and said that I would not be disappointed if he bought this ring as an engagement ring...it was $25. So on we went. What I DID NOT know until 2 months later is that the next weekend he went into the city with a friend and hunted down that same vendor to buy the ring...I LOVED IT. The "original is now in a treasure box with my special things. for our wedding we had the ring, using the same stone from the original, duplicated into white gold. It truly is my favorite!

  35. All these responses are so fantastic!!

  36. Oh my...I'm coming out of the woodwork for this one! Your rose pieces are some of my most favorites! :)

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring my mom and I found in a little African shop that closed several years ago. I fell in love with 2 rings, both of which my mom gave me that year for my birthday. I have hardly taken one of them off since...it's sterling with a prong- set faceted garnet and an abstract shape, sort of like a capital D surrounding it.

    I don't know who made the ring, but I can tell it's uniquely hand crafted. I've worn it to death as I'm brutal on my jewelry, and a piece where it was once perhaps sized up has come off of the band, but I haven't bothered to get it soldered back together. The setting was also gold (plated, apparently) at one point, but it's now worn to silver. One of the prongs is bent, though still holding the stone firmly.

    I'm not sure why I love this ring so much. I think I've worn it for so long that it's just become a part of me. It's sentimental in that it was given to me by my wonderful mom, who made me come to love jewelry as I do now. It's one of a kind and has proven to be pretty sturdy, too.

    I'll be blogging and facebooking away later!

  37. My favorite piece of jewerly is my simple gold wedding ring. When things get crazy around here and I feel like I am not going to make it I look at my ring and remember why I feel in love with my husband. My close second is my mother's wedding band because I miss my parents so much. Then there is the pair of earrings a special talented lady made for my husband to give me for my 50th birthday. I love them so much I feel her wonderful energy whenever I wear them. Here's to you special talented lady!!!

  38. Such a lovely necklace!! :)

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a small gold signet ring that my mom gave me when I was 10, modeled after the one that her mom gave her. I rarely wear it since the gold is so worn down on the backside of the ring band and my mom has since lost hers and I don't want mine to disappear, too. So I just mostly look at it now instead of wearing it.

    Have a fabulous day!

  39. My favorite piece of jewelry isn't actually mine- that would be my mom's wedding ring-it, much like my mother, is a beautiful, shining comfort in a world always changing. Will blog about you tomorrow.

  40. I've been etsy-stalking your work for a while now: it's simply breathtaking. How could I not enter your generous giveaway??

    1. favourite piece is a pearl necklace my boyfriend gave me 2 Xmas's ago - a lovely multistrand of champagne coloured pebbles: a modern twist on a classic for a funky gal. I'm extremely picky with my jewelery, but he surprised me with something so ME it brought me to tears. I'm also trying to work myself out of the incorrect notion of "saving nice things to wear for special occasions" and am becoming less shy about wearing the necklace on say, a Tuesday with jeans, just because!

    2. just fB fan'd you!

    3. and updated my fB status!

    4. and told the world! (http://btrsweet.tumblr.com/day/2009/09/23)

    (and crossed my fingers.
    what an absolutely delicious necklace!)

  41. Woohoo what a beauty! As a 4th generation wine grape grower, the delicate wine hued pendant really spoke to me! My fave/sentimental piece is a simple sterling band engraved with a special childhood secret worn by both my sister and I. While we don't live in the same state, I feel she is with me thru this ring. On the other hand, saving my pennies for one of your outrageous big ass rings!(hopefully to wear with this pendant, lol!) Also fanned you for a 2nd chance. Amazing metalwork, great blog! Salute-

  42. Ok, I *must have* that necklace. Here is what I've done to bring that beautiful thing one step closer to my hungry hands.

    1) My favorite piece of jewelry is a wide-banded ring I made from sterling silver and 18k gold (it's on the lower left hand side on the front page of my website: www.IstanbulDesigns.com) I love it because, in a nutshell, it was so very challenging to make, and it's very comfortable to wear.

    2)I dedicated a fb status update to you.

    3)I tweeted about this most awesome giveaway http://twitter.com/AliciaIstanbul

    4) I am already a fan of your fb page :)

    Good luck to me!!

  43. My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring custom-made by a local artist from my grandmother's star sapphire, passed down through my mother. It's joined by moonstone and onyx cabochons on a square, sterling silver ring. I don't wear it very often, but I love the combination of old and new, plus an unexpected shape.

    Off to RT. Thanks, Alicia, for leading me here!

  44. Hi! This is entry #1
    My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring; my fiance asked what type of diamond I wanted, and I said I did not want one; when he asked what type of ring, I wanted, I replied, I wanted him to make one for me. He said that he never made any jewelry, and I said, Then why did you ask.
    When he proposed, presented me with the most amazing simply gold ring that he hand carved (lost-wax method) with the shape of waves all around it and the biblical passage "Set me as a seal upon your heart, for love is stronger than death; many waters cannot quench our love." He had just saved me from a diving accident in which my regulator cut off and I was 30 seconds from being brain dead.

    This was my favorite piece of jewelry; unfortunately, this ring was stolen from me in a local hospital, when I was required to take it off for an emergency medical test and not reminded to put it back on. I would give away every piece of jewelry I currently have to have it back. I pray that my husband will make me a ring someday once again.

  45. entry #2:

    I just became a fan on Facebook!!!! I left a message on your wall!!!!

    I can't believe I did that?!!! See what your gift inspires me to do when I should be grading papers!!! Yikes!!

  46. Entry #3: I also posted a comment on my facebook account about this giveaway; why don't you check it out, JJ!!!!

    Wow! Thanks for everything.

  47. entry #4

    I posted a link on my blog to your giveaway and I wrote a comment about it! Thanks, JJ!

  48. Good luck, Delilah. If you win, you must let me borrow it :)

  49. You people amaze me. I really thought that only a few people read this blog. And that I'd have about 25 or so comments posted for the entire week! Thank you so much for the wonderful turnout. I am blown away.

  50. Entry #1
    My favorite piece of jewelry is my great-grandmother's engagement ring--I wear it on my right hand as a reminder of her, and I like that it was handed down through generations of women. On the rare occasions that I take it off, I feel like there's something missing from my hand and constantly check for it and freak out because I think, for a moment, that I've lost it.

  51. Entry #2
    Joined your facebook group!

  52. I'm a fan!!! Here & on Facebook. I fanned you.

    I don't think I have an all time favorite piece of jewelry of my own. There are some pieces that are very sentimental to me, but my favorites change (can you tell I'm a Gemini). A piece that has been a favorite of mine, but not mine is my Grandmother's Eastern Star ring. the idea of each of the colorful stones & each symbol on the ring having meaning and a story behind them.
    It was like her secret decoder ring....it let her into places where they had secret signs & closed meetings in a room with no windows. The doors would open & the women would flow out in their elegant long white dresses to load the table with all the yummy goodies.


  53. I am dedicated. Oooo boy.

    #2 TWITTER here: http://twitter.com/jessisawyer
    #3 BLOG here: www.jessimakesjewelry.blogspot.com
    #4 FACEBOOK FAN: yes!
    #5 FACEBOOK UPDATE: check. (Jessi Sawyer...not sure how to link to it properly eeeeep)

    (ps I love that you know who Brian Andreas is. He came to my highschool once upon a time and painted a very lovely mural with one of his beautiful quotes on the front. I have a soft spot for his work.)

  54. Oh boy! I don't know if I could possibly name my absolute favorite piece of jewelry! There are so many...Right now I am patiently awaiting the resetting of a beautiful brilliant-cut diamond. The story:

    When my husband and I met we got close and serious rather quickly. I guess when you know, you know...you know? One of the clinchers: His mother and I have (had) the same birthday. But the similarities didn't end there. We grew to become fast friends. She was like a mentor and a second mother to me. She was also the person who inspired me to pursue my passions and learn to knit and weave. The latter she never lived to see me do which is a shame because she was a very talented weaver herself.

    One day, as if it were the most normal thing in the world, she presented me with a diamond ring. I had recently become engaged to her son and now it was as if she were claiming me for herself as well! It was a very special stone; she had purchased it with the inheritance left to her by her father. And she had it set into a ring in just. my. size.

    I loved that ring. But unfortunately the design was so similar to my engagement band that I rarely wore it. So when she passed away from cancer last year, I desperately needed something to keep with me constantly to remind me of her. She was such an important person in my life and I think of her constantly and lover her still...That is why I am having the stone reset into a simple white gold pendant that I know I will wear daily as a reminder to me of the most beautiful, and generous soul I have ever known. I am lucky to have had her in my life. Her name was Linda.

    Your pendant is gorgeous and I would be honored to wear it!


  55. Melissa, that was an amazing story. My husband's brother and I share the same birthday as well, and he passed away last year at the young age of 35. There was never a jewelry connection, but he was and is the closest thing I will ever have to a brother. And if there were a token I could wear everyday that I knew had meant the world to him . . . I would. Thank you for the entry.

    And thank you again, to everyone who has entered thus far and taken the time to share something so special. I am a lucky lady to have had you all stop by my life.

  56. Is love a deep meaning token,
    or a silverstrewn necklace of rose glory?
    love made its way into my life:
    a best friend, a love of my life...
    wonderment at finding out i adore the
    Gorgeousity Diamond ring he gave me on a
    twinkly italian light bridge in our home state of oregon.
    That, dear RosyRevolver is my favorite piece of jewelry.
    Amanda Munk on facebook.com

  57. It warms my heart that my story struck a chord with you. Uncanny the similarities! I am sorry, though, about your husband's brother. All the best to you.

  58. My favorite piece of jewelry is the toe ring I wear on my middle toe on my left foot. For my mom's fifti-something-ieth birthday we got toe rings together (figured it was a better idea than matching belly button rings hehe) and I haven't taken it off since, its been over a year! I love it :D

  59. My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding band. We just got engaged and had some wonderful, simple bands custom made on Etsy.

  60. Hi JJ! Great giveaway!

    I can't say I really have one single favorite piece of jewelry, as the current favorite changes day to day, depending on what mood I'm in! If pressed, I can narrow it down the field to say my favorite pieces are the ones purchased on Etsy!


  61. what a beautiful giveaway! my favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring as well...not only because it is my wedding ring but my husband went to the jewelery store and picked it out on his own...it was a one of a kind piece that the jewler happened to make in his free time and my husband picked it because it looked like the pink floyd prisim....haha

  62. Hi~
    My favorite piece of jewelry is probly my wedding ring, we were together for 13 yrs before we got married. It's just a plan gold band from walmart that cost $35.oo but it's mine and it holds our vows inside it's circle..

    I tweeted about your giveaway,

    I blogged about your giveaway...http://fashionablyadorned.blogspot.com

    I commented on my facebook page

    I also became a fan on your facebook page!

    I think that about covers it.. I love, love your work and really hope I win!!
    Have a great day!

  63. My favorite piece of jewelry is my grandmother's engagement ring. My grandfather bought it for her in the 1920s and she wore it for a solid 70 yrs! I hope to wear it as my engagement ring just as long!

  64. I blogged about your giveaway today. Yes I did!!


  65. My favorite piece of jewelry is the ring that my nephew bought for me when he was 6 years old. His school setup a little Christmas store so that kids could buy inexpensive presents for family, etc. He spent all of his money on a "ruby & diamond" ring for me. He was so excited about the ring that he could barely wait until Christmas. The look on his face when he watched me open my present is priceless.... It seems like it was just yesterday. He is 20 years old now, and that ring still has a special place in my jewelry box.


  66. Favorite piece of jewelry has to be my parents wedding rings. I wear my mother's as on my ring finger and my father's on my middle finger on my right hand. They are beautiful white gold and antique. They were married November 5, 1954 and both passed away - my dad in 2002 and my mom in 2006. I can't imagine not having them on my hand to look at, to think of them every single day. I would think of them anyway but there are many memories wrapped up in these rings.....

  67. Posted a blog about your jewelry!


  68. I can't remember a time that I didn't love jewellry. When I was very young I had a jewellry box with a ballerina inside that held all my treasures. Most were pieces that came from the dentist, while others were given to me by my grandmother. I loved each piece and each day I would look inside the box and organize my jewellry according to colour and size. After all these years, I still participate in this same ritual :)

    I'm sure my love of jewellry is genetic as my grandmother was a great aficionado of such expensive adornments, as is my mother. My mother's jewellry is fabulous!!! She has art deco pieces in platinum that make my heart skip. However, unlike her I don't limit myself to diamonds. I find beauty in all creations of nature such as jasper, turquoise, agate, coral, etc. The colours and designs of nature are so profound, that to encase them in silver and gold and then adorn them is exhilarating. So.....to select my favourite is nearly impossible since each piece is so unique, so majestic, and so perfectly presented, that it's more accurate to state they are ALL my favourites. However, if I required were to pick just one piece, I would select an antique watch chain with an antique watch fob that I purchased a few years back. I had the fob engraved with my children's first initials (A G M). Whenever I need to embark upon a trip or participate in an event that I need comfort or luck, I always wear this piece. It's not only beautiful because of it's antiquity, weight, and design, it makes me feel a bit closer to my greatest creative undertaking..........my children, as they are my soul's adornment.

    Thanks JJ for such a generous opportunity to own one of your fabulous creations!!! XOXOXOXO

  69. oh.so.lovely.
    My favorite piece of jewelry right now (it chances constantly I'm sorry) is a bee necklace I bought. Here it is:
    I LOVE it!!!

  70. linked to this wonderful giveaway on my blog.
    It's on the right sidebar with more giveaways :)

  71. Hi there! I found you through Willowbranch designs, and I don't have a blog or anything... so I'll have to settle for one little entry for this gorgeous pendant. :)

    My favorite piece of jewelry is one that I found last year on my honeymoon at the Stormville Flea Market in New York. It was a huge, overwhelming event with over 200 vendors. On my way through the crowd an odd necklace caught my eye, and until I was close enough to turn it around in my hands, I couldn't tell what it was. At first I saw two pieces of twisted bronze with some old glass and cast bronze beads. Then after really looking at it, I saw that the twisted pieces were two people holding eachother; the woman's hand is on his shoulder, his is on her waist, and they each have one hand reaching up to hold the cord.
    I fell in love with it. The luck to find something so beautiful and fitting on our honeymoon...

    Here's hoping I can wear your amazing necklace. :)


  72. I just became Facebook fan! LOVE your work!

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my mother's class ring from 1964. Classic and cool


  73. Hello Jess,

    I just popped in to see what you've been up to and came across your lovely give-away. Yes! of course, I want to participate. After all, I am half Spanish from my mothers side, so a beautiful rioja necklace would be delightful.

    So, here it is: My favorite piece of jewelry is my diamond wedding ring. My husband, along with our jeweler fiend, searched for the perfect diamonds to complete a vintage platinum setting that our friend had found.Its simply beautiful.

    I have become a FB fan of yours and I have posted a shout-out to my FB friends to stop by and see what you are all about.

    I don't tweet and I have just barely started a blog, haven't even posted to it yet, so that would be rather pointless for you at this time; no readers yet!!

    Once its up and running, I will post a message to you, and maybe you could stop by and take a peek, too. This is a great idea!

    Take Care, Jeri Zoglio, Fuquay Varina

  74. without a doubt, my yellow, faceted, plastic heart ring my then boyfriend bought at wal-mart from a toy machine! knowing i held the dual abilities of jewelry snob with a kick butt sense of humor, he bought it as a symbol of our engagement when he proposed to me one evening on the eastern shore of this great ole' U.S. of A. later, we chose "real rings" together...it now resides on a shelf with other treasures...the band slowly rusting and the yellow heart always glowing!

  75. Hi again--here to enter one more time! That necklace is gorgeous :)

    My favorite piece of jewelry right now is my wedding ring--it was handcrafted by my friend Kerin Rose and is gold with a hammered effect that makes it look antique. On the inside it has our names and the date of the wedding. I took off all of my other rings once I put it on :)

    Oh, I tweeted already about the contest earlier, and I'm already a fan on Facebook!

    take care,

  76. Alright I'm going for gold! this necklace is stunning!!!!!

    I have become a facebook fan...
    I am gonna post a status in facebook, and am about to post a blog. And......

    My favorite jewelery.
    One peice is a necklace i made as an aprrentice. So the desing is not mine, but I did 70% of the work. and i fell in love with it. it was one of my first real pieces... and i had to have it. i traded work for it :) many years ago. to an artist in taos, NM. very sw feel. in fact, i have it on today :)

    so there is it 4 of 5 ways to win :)

  77. hmm. links?>
    www.facebook.com/andescruz (comment and status)
    andes cruz - in your fans....
    and... blogged at: http://andescruz.wordpress.com/

  78. all right one last link - ;)

    thanks for the comments on my blog. I updated the blog with a screenshot of this lovely necklace. :)

  79. Oh wow! That's a lotta comments!

    I would have to say that my favourite piece of jewelry is a ring that was my grandma's. It's a thin gold band, and had five stones in it -- one birthstone for each of her five children. She was an incredible lady who traveled the world and read Mother Jones magazine, and raised five amazing kids (my mom being one of them!).

    One of the stones fell out long before I became the steward of the ring. I may get it replaced someday. It's a little sinister (for whoever that stone represents), but everyone's happy and healthy so far. Still. The superstitious part of me will get the stone replaced.


  80. Oh yes, and I am now a happy fan of the lovely Rosy Revolver on Facebook!

  81. When I read the directions for this giveaway (the first I've ever entered, on any blog!) I immediately and without hesitation, thought about a necklace that my mother gave me when my partner and I had our commitment ceremony in 2004. I'd always had a really instinctual love of the necklace and have such clear memories of it throughout my childhood, even though my mother didn't wear it that much. It's a moss jasper, smooth and polished, about an inch wide and 1/2 an inch tall. (To me, it always looked like a framed painting of the Weymouth sands & sea.) It's set in a simple geometric shape of brushed silver, a shape that looks like a horizontal oval with two fat isosceles triangles on the ends. The silver is like a dull stainless steel, and feels so reliable, of such heavy quality while having this grace of line. It's so lovely. When my mother gave it to me she told me that she bought it for herself over forty years ago when she was 21 and newly married to my father. It brings me a pleasure that I get from very few of my material things.
    Thank-you for asking the question that allowed me to spend some time talking about this necklace!

  82. My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring. I never go anywhere without it. It took me and my fiance months to pick it out. It's beautiful and it's set just a little different from the standard engagement ring. It's not a perfect diamond because we couldn't afford perfect, which I guess is a good metaphor for a relationship, not perfect, but lovely in its own right. That ring symbolizes so much for me, and I love when it catches the light, it reminds me of the promises that we've made. Funny how a piece of metal can mean so much.

  83. Hi! Here is my post: http://masaoms.blogspot.com/2009/09/giveaway-by-rosy-revolver.html
    I love your jewellery!!! I'm going to be facebook fan of your site right now!! ;-)
    Have a nice day!

  84. My favorite piece of jewelry?
    Oh that's easy. It's a diamond ring my favorite Aunt Zan left me. I've worn it every day for the last 27 years. No I was never into having a diamond ring...not ever. More of an arty type gal it was just never my style. And being so independent I often told my Mom when I was young it seemed a diamond engagement ring was more of a down payment on a woman than it was a symbol of love. After my aunt died from cancer my Mom came out to visit and gave me a little box. In it was this ring. She said when my aunt was out visiting us when I was about 2 years old I was completely fascinated by the colors in her "pretty ring" when the light hit it. So my aunt decided then she would leave the ring to me. And I have thanked her every day since. Every day I see that beautiful ring and it reminds me of my lovely aunt and I think what a great gift, not the ring but the fact it keeps my aunt so present in my life. I wear it instead of my wedding ring (which I love just as much)...why did I ever think a diamond engagement ring couldn't be a symbol of love?

  85. My favorite piece of jewelry I have is a cross that my parents gave to me. I wear it almost every day. They gave it to me one year for my birthday. It just reminds me of my parents and our faith. It's simple, yet elegant. And it has so much meaning behind it!

  86. I just tweeted about it too! (DancingLola)

  87. My twitter name is Gabis_Love. I tweeted about your beautiful necklace!

  88. My favorite piece fo jewelry would definitely have to be my wedding ring. My husband and I were given our grandmothers' wedding rings. They had beautiful stones in them. We had them taken out. And designed a wedding band for me with those stones and some diamonds. The ring mostly has the stones from our grandmas' rings. There just is a history and love behind my ring. Every time I look at it, I think of the love that is behind every single stone!

  89. I just blogged about your beautiful necklace!


  90. my favorite piece of jewelry is my grandmother's engagement ring. it is a simple gold band with four delicate pronged set hand faceted diamonds. it is just precious.

    thank you for having this giveaway! i enjoy your blog and work very much :)

  91. Hi Rosy, My favorite piece of jewelry is a gold signet ring my husband gave me when we were married. It is the only ring I wear. I wear it on my left pinky finger.It never comes off

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