21 September 2009

Updates Tomorrow:

I confess I have spent most of the day sacked out in bed.
Sleepy girl!

I have unpacked from the show, answered convos and emails,
caught up on dishes and laundry, watered the plants,
and spend some MUCH needed time with my Monkey and man.
Sleep was there interspersed between them all.

I have NOT had a chance to update the Etsy shop with all the new items,
but will be making it my one priority tomorrow.
(Still have to a bit of photographing and writing.)

Just didn't want you to think I had forgotten about you!

Happy Monday, everyone.


  1. Alright, you're forgiven sleepy head! : )
    Now go rest!

  2. good things come to those who wait patiently!
    no rush, family and rest are priorities!!

  3. ...save some...one...two...for tomorrow...wednesday...my day off...i'm pretty sneaky, huh...& greedy...spoiled &...well...sweet...sorry... :)

  4. Get some rest- your booth and the pieces I could see looked amazing. I am truly learning to appreciate the work that must go into such detailed work. The more I learn, the more respect I have you and the other artists out there making such amazing stuff. Can't wait to see the rest of the pieces - I'm sure they will fly off your Etsy shelves.