07 October 2009

Autumn Inspiration:

I'm on a color kick like would not even believe.
Why does fall make me feel so much more alive?
It's a fresh start every autumn.

There is a certain energy in these stones.
A dance that I sure don't know but love to watch.
They get me a bit breathless.
If they had a scent, it would be spicy.
If they had a song, it would be something like this.
(Turn it up loud.)

Custom orders are still well underway;
but these lovelies should start popping up soon as well.

Happy Autumn!!
Off to a day of play and makery.
They are one and the same.



  1. Oh my! I hear leaves crunching under foot, and I smell a bonfire in the air mingling with the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg. Can't wait to see what becomes of them.

  2. Oh my gosh....they are all so pretty! I've been in love with autumn colors lately too.

  3. Your stones are so yummy!! I'm thinking pumpkin pie and hot apple cider with red hots like my gram used to make when I was a kid! I love your work and I'm glad I found your blog!!

  4. Gorgeous pieces & gorgeous stones. Fall makes me feel alive too, but I think it's because it's not so humid and we can finally breathe...although today it a bit tepid out.


  5. I can't agree with you more. There's something about Autumn that lights a fire inside me and makes me feel more present than ever.

    I'm obsessed with the huge Orange/Cream/Gold Oval stone in the top photo, so gorgeous! I really need to find a unique stone dealer in my area and push myself out of my comfort zone and make some cool jewelry for myself :)