30 October 2009


We arrived at Holland's Produce late in the week to pick our punkins . . .
They were scarce.
But the joy was not.

A silly tot,
more interested in picking up bugs than picking out punkins,
running amuck in the dimming light.
Wandering. Wondering.

step step.
step step step.

Picked over punkin-patch heaven.

I sat in a wistful way.
Thankful for a cornucopia of curiosities.
For childhood.
For memories.
Wishing as I so often do that I could slow time for just a few moments.

Monkey . . .

Don't ever grow up.

* * * * *

Cornucopia Ring

(Mexican Laguna Agate, Sterling Silver, Gratitude)

An abundance of . . .

. . . you fill in the blank.



  1. good stuff right there :)

    (and great boots!)


  2. i love the skirt's texture with the denim and boots -- just so cool!!! you are the coolest and the warmest too!!! thank you for being YOU!

  3. Rosy---this is one of my favorite rings you have done so far! I am pleased as punch that I have Rose earrings on the way as a birthday present from my husband. i really enjoy following your work.

  4. ohEEK!! i'm second-ing doctorbarefoot on that being one of my favourite favourite rings of yours. whoever she now belongs to is one lucky lady.

    glad the pumpkin-hunt went well.

    have the most fabulous weekend!!

  5. beautiful ring, and unfortunately they grow up too fast. my mom is always telling me that these are the best years of my life.

  6. Why is it when we're young and carefree we take life for granted, don't stop to smell the roses and life seems endless? As the years go by we appreciate all the precious moments..our babies, our husbands who share the wonderful journey with us. Just when we learn to savor it all and appreciate what is truly important in life it seems to be over in a flash. How beautiful your sentiments Jess!

  7. Your boy is really beautiful. I sometimes miss when my boys were that age. THe ring, outstanding. Oh, and I love your boots!

  8. I love the photo with the magenta colored skirt, my favorite color! And I see a certain german gal went on a little adventure! hee hee

    Happy Halloween!

  9. Sweet little boy. Awesome boots. Fantastically gorgeous ring! You've done it again.

  10. You are an incredible delight, jj. Incredible!!

  11. 1. You have cool boots.
    2. You have a cute kid.
    3. You make awesome rings.

  12. ...pure...LOVE...in total...abundance...

  13. love the ring, love your boots, love the little man, love you!
    Happy Haunting!!!!
    from your girl in Canada

  14. Hehe, thank you everyone. I DO love me some boots. And personally, I agree my Monkey is pretty dang cute, but I'm biased.

    Janel, BUSTED!! I totally had to wear her out just once before shipping her off to you. But she's on her way now, and I promise there is no punkin' goop anywhere on her.

    Doc and Lindsay, I will be making more of these, i think. They just seem so cheerful.

    Amy/RMB- Thank you for continuing to drop by. A good reminder, my mom always tells me the same thing! : )

  15. what a beautiful ring!
    (sorry, followed a link to a link to a link to here and wow-ed over the pretty! you make beautiful jewellery!) xx

  16. Hey Miss JJ!!
    Loooove your boots!!! Your little one is such a cutie.